Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 16: March 2012 - May 2012

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 16 of the thread for Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion!

You can find the old thread here:

** Crown Princess Mary's Daytime Fashion Part 15: January 2012 - March 2012 **

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The dimensions of the dress is a bit weird but she definitely looks beautiful.
This not one of my favorites on Mary. I agree that the coat sleeves should be longer and in fact, the length of the coat should be a little longer as well as it isn't quite covering the dress. Am I making any sense here? :)
The length of the coat sleeves and hem should be longer, and I dislike the dress pattern, too, but that's a gorgeous ruby red on Mary and I have to say her dress coordinates well with the coat. A short-sleeved outfit would have looked better with the coat, which I actually like but not worn with a long-sleeved dress. I love her brooch and earrings.
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I love Mary dearly, really I do but THIS is a no-go for me. The coat itself is great but the dress underneath is horrible. Love her earrings though.
I dont think that the sleeves of the dress poking out of the jacket's sleeves is a very good look I would've preferred the jacket sleeves to be longer, but that's just my opinion. The outfit is nice though.
I never liked this combination. Coat is nice, she has similar one in purple but pattern of dress is old fashioned. Nothing special.
The coat is very beautiful, I love it. I don´t like the dress, the sleeves are awful and looks wromg with the coat and the pattern looks like a curtain, imo.
I liked the outfit ore the first time she wore it. Today her hair and make-up doesn´t look too good.
I think Mary looks splendid, I was thinking I would never see that diamond brooch again. I am in agreement, dress sleeves are strange but I still like the whole princess look!
Mary looked marvellous today, the jacket is one of my personal favourites and it goes well with the floral dress, although the sleeves looked kinda out of place. The brooch and the earrings looks stunning too.
Always loved this match, would have loved a hat!
This is one of my favourite combination. Mary today looks lovely.The shoes are good too. I like the brooch.
Mary looks splendid today and this outfit is one of my favorites. Maybe because red is my favorite color on her.

I haven't been here on TRF for awhile, but am glad to be back :)
I like the coat, but the dress is not pretty. She could lend it to a royal lady aged 60+ and I'm afraid not even then I'd like it.
It's a lovely outfit but I wish the sleeves were shorter.
The sleeves are horrible, why on earth would anyone ruin a perfectly nice pattern with those sleeves?

As I stated in the QEII fashion thread the other day, I have a bit of a bug bear where people wear coats which are shorter than the dress underneath. Either make them the same length, make the coat longer than the dress or keep the coat waist length. Mary's coat is slightly shorter than the dress and it just looks messy.
I love the combination of ruby red and light pink. Mary looks fabulous. The only thing I don't like are the shortened sleeves on the coat, but the style and the fit of the said coat are prefect.
If the dress' sleeves weren't peeking I'd be 100% on board with this outfit. As it is I give it a 90%.
Coat Sleeves should Be Longer , But Very Nice Red Color and Looks Very Beautiful On Her , She Looks Beautiful as always , Thanx For Posting
While I love the coat, I dont like the combination with the dress or anything with longer sleeves than the coat's. The hairstyle looks messy to me.
What Mary does pull off is the "regal look" in her general appearance.
I do like the somewhat unconvential way in which Mary wears her clothes on occasion, but I do understand why others may not. It's not to everyones taste.

I personally find red a particularly boring colour on Mary, even though it suits her well. Though I do like dress and the coat is well tailored (naturally). The print of the dress quite beautiful.
I realy like combination coat and dress, I think it looks nice. She looks beautiful in red.
I love that Mary is in color but I have never been a fan of the combo of the dress and coat. The dress cuffs are just too old fashioned with such a nice coat.
Her makeup is lovely, she looks very sleek and chic today. I love this dress and i think what makes it special for me are the sleeves!
I somewhat like it. It's not a terrible outfit. Love the earrings.

Great look for Crown Princess Mary today, March 26, during day 3 of the visit from Britain. Nice white coat and a lovely hat:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **

She's worn the combination before in September 2007!
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WOW, she looks fantastic! Amazing outfit but my only caveat is those gloves are a bit oversized for such an elegant outfit, but Camilla's gloves are heavy too; they're just black. I don't usually comment on makeup but her hair and makeup are just gorgeous; subtle and beautiful!
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