Crown Princess Máxima's Daytime Fashion, Part 10: May 2012 - November 2012

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 10 of the thread for Crown Princess Máxima's Daytime Fashion!

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** Crown Princess Máxima's Daytime Fashion, Part 9: January 2012 - May 2012

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:flowers: Happy Posting! :flowers:
Red is the first colour a baby can see, so I think it's a good colour to wear for a christening.
The shoes were horrible. So high she looked like a giant next to Frederik and Madeleine and too open in the front with those long toes sticking over the end. Didn't like it.
Her make-up and jewelry were really nice.
Overall I thought Maxima looked very beautiful at the christening of Princess Estelle. Although the red was bold, the suit was a sophisticated and classic choice, and she does wear stronger colors well. The makeup was - wow - lovely. I liked the hat and really liked the jewels. But I found the shoes to be simply horrible! With the gloves on there was too much red going on for my liking. And, I agree with comments that the skirt could have been slightly longer for a christening.
Love the outfit. She looks great.

Crown Princess Máxima ata lecture on microfinance today, May 29, wearing a nice dress and coat combination,

I like the whole look on her!

** Full view ** Upper part 1 ** Upper part 2 ** Close up **

Well, its a nice outfit. Isn't it new? I like the color combo. If only her hair was done nicely I think this overall look would've worked well.l
The outift is nice. The color combo works well to me. Though, I hate that bag.
Maxima looks lovely. I love the combination of pink and beige is delightful. I love the style of the coat and the dress as well.
I likethe colur on her and the bag is cute but the dress is too short IMO
I love the beige/pink combo, a good outfit for Maxima. I love the bag, very fun.
A pretty dress which actually fits well as well. I love the color, its nice and bright. I don't like how she accessorized the look.
Actually that looks really nice on her she looks trim and fresh great really.
Maxima looks lovely in red. It's a color that she should wear more often. This dress sits well on her too.
She looks lovely in that red dress!

Crown Princess Máxima has opened the 4th Insurance Europe conference in Amsterdam this morning,
June 1, 2012, wearing a golden suit. Looks nice, but I would have chosen it for an evening event instead.

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **
This look is awful! Hate the fabric of the top and the color combo.
Every element separately looks nice; well-tailored pants, beautiful jacket, elegant shoes and clutch. Together, however, they look very mismatched.
I love the pants and probably would like the jacket in a different combination and for a different (more evening) event. \
Natan must have sewn the jacket in the dark... his craftsmanship frequently looks like that, but this time he didn't realize that several fabric swatches fell on the garment and got stuck with glue.
Sorry, but these 'embellishments' aren't original but desperate, indicative of a designer who ran out of ideas long ago:

[DNF] Fotoarchief Denieuwsfoto
hahaha, sewn in the dark, first thing I thought! i'm glad the embellishments arent coloured, then it would look like a clown's outfit!
A bit too formal/color/shine for a morning event.

Crown Princess Máxima has opened the 4th Insurance Europe conference in Amsterdam this morning,
June 1, 2012, wearing a golden suit. Looks nice, but I would have chosen it for an evening event instead.

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **

Nice Pics , I Think she Looks Nice , and golden Color Looks So Nice On her , her Outfit Nice and suits her well :flowers: Thank you for Posting
Surely she could have pants made that don't wrinkle so easily. I mean I buy dress pants off the rack and can easily find ones made of non-wrinkling fabric.
Interesting top. The gold combo is somewhat pretty.
I hate the patchwork appliques on the jacket and I think it's too short for her. The shiny top is too formal for a daytime event.
I'm not liking this look. The top is too shiny for my taste. The slacks are nice, but don't go with the rest of the outfit.
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