Danes Partake in Summer Photo Session at Graasten

  July 15, 2016 at 3:26 pm by

The Danish Royal Family has had their annual summer photo session at Graasten Palace, posing for photographs on the steps of the palace as the unfriendly weather made the gardens a no-go zones.

Joining the Queen, Prince Henrik and the Crown Princely Family were Princess Benedikte’s children, Prince Gustav and his partner Carina Axelsson, and Princess Alexandra with her husband Jefferson and daughter Ingrid.

The younger children, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, were kept entertained by the family dogs, throwing a tennis ball off into the distance for them to chase and return. Josephine – who has shown her exuberant personality on several occasions – required some convincing from her mother Crown Princess Mary to head back into the palace once the session was finished.

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