Fashion for the little and teenage royals Part 20: November 2023 -

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 20 of the thread about the fashion for the little and teenage royals!

You can find the old thread here:

** Fashion for the little and teenage royals Part 19: April 2023 - October 2023 **

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Ok I will admit I was slow to notice this detail but Little Gabriella was wearing and exact replica of her mother's outfit but in blue.
I love their little matching sweaters!?
All the children look lovely!
Growing up so fast!
Charlotte seems to be wearing the same outfit as last year.
Jacques, Gabriella and Balthazar at events to mark the International Day of the Child yesterday:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** instagram gallery **

Gabriella is the most fashionable little princess out there. She isn't dressed like a preppy like most royal kids but she also is never dressed inappropriately. I want her outfits and shoes in my size. LOL
Prince Jacques looks wonderful as his father's mini-me in a real, honest to gosh, tuxedo in the European style from his complimentary green bow tie to his patent slippers. He really is one cute kid and his sister's gorgeous black plum velvet dress looks to be an original, deep and rich, which is not something you see often on children. However, Gabriella is, as moby pointed out, the most fashionable princess out there and yes, we can see her emerging style already, chic, stylish, but never inappropriate.
I love Gabrielle's dress in its rich plum color. I wish my daughter was eight years old again so I could see her in one like Gabrielle's. At 23 she's just not willing to wear children's fashions. ;)
The Swedish children at the handover of the Christmas trees today:

** Pic ** gallery **
I especially like Adrienne's outfit. It seems a bit more tailored for her age than for Leonore's; and I like her shoes better. However, I do understand why Madeleine (and Chris) decided on the same type of outfit as that was clearly a request as the 3 brothers did the same.
Estelle's dress is beautiful and she and Oscar match eachother lovely.
Great picture of the grandchildren and their beautiful grandmother. Love all of the outfits!
She remains lovely but I think the top is unflattering to her and her shape.
I agree that this is not one of her better outfits. However, it suits her age.
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