Neighbours Invite Queen Beatrix For Coffee

  January 5, 2010 at 9:42 pm by

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Dutch television programme RTL Boulevard has checked the neighbourhood of Queen Beatrix to see how well the neighbours know each other and the queen. During her Christmas message queen Beatrix mentioned that these days sometimes even neighbours are strangers for each other: ‘you speak to each other without a conversation, you look at each other without seeing’.

The programme interviewed the neighbours of the queen, if they ever went for coffee and chit chat at the palace. Although most people replied that they did not, one neighbour shared his story. Twenty years ago he got married, and he did as you usually do, he also invited his neighbours to the wedding reception. Only in his case the neighbour was queen Beatrix, and much to his surprise the queen really showed up to congratulate the couple. Another neighbour remembers that he often saw prince Claus cycling through the neighbourhood.

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The item ends with an invitation from a lady who lives across the palace. She said that the queen is welcome to visit her and have a coffee, and she can even take the palace security guards with her.

Apparently it has advantages to live in the same street as the queen: the street is very safe, and it is only clean. The only disadvantage is that once in a while there is noise due to family parties.

Click here to see the clip on RTL Boulvard.

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