Victoria, Daniel and Family Picture Thread

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I think Daniel has had to change his way of living a little after his kidney transplant, he has the medication the whole his life, and sometimes the medication affects to one's hair also. And when Daniel was at a conference in Finland, he told that he didn't go to the gym as often as before, just 2 or 3 times a week. So he has lost a little of muscles. Daniel was first seen with glasses in autumn 2003, and from 2005 he has almost always had glasses, not contact lenses. He has worn contact lenses in the engagement photos, in some official photos taken before their wedding and when he plays golf. I guess he feels comfortable with his glasses, like I do. I hate contact lenses.
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Because of Daniel's 40th birthday on Sunday, the swedish photo agency IBL has a collection of photos of him (and Victoria):
IBL Bildbyrå

It is unbelievable, how fast he has turned to become such an asset to the Royal Family. He is simply great!
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:previous: I agree. I always thought their long courtship was a true love story but I could never have guessed at how very quickly he has established himself, not just as the Crown Princess's husband, but as Prince Daniel and a hard working and well respected royal in his own right.

Let's face it, I can only speculate from media reports and photos but to me he comes across as not only a confident, loving, husband and father, but a witty and intelligent CP Consort. Victoria really won the biggest lottery of them all.
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Yesterday I saw this on Kronprinsessa Tumblr and I absolutely fell in love with the picture.
Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel at Princess Madeleine's wedding:
here's a big version

here's the source if you want to reblog it ♔ jag kommer att göra vad drottningar gör

The photo is of Victoria and Daniel when they are arriving to the dinner the government hosted for them in the evening before their wedding on 18th June 2010.

Here is the original photo, taken by photographer Rickard L. Eriksson.

Here is also one photo someone has scanned from the wedding book. Taken by photographer Hans Hammarskiöld.
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Oh Ladyfinn you are absolutely right! i hadn't paid enough attention, i don't know how i could have mistaken them!

I am still in love with that picture!
Old (and small) photo of Victoria and Daniel in summer 2011. Taken at the Rönnåsen Hill in Ockelbo. Victoria tells at their wedding book that Rönnåsen is their favourite place in Ockelbo, and the first place Daniel took her in Ockelbo.
The photo is from the website of the Swedish church. They tell about a pilgrim to Rönnåsen and there at Rönnåsstugan (a cottage) is this photo. daniel o viktoria.jpg

Daniel in Visby, 12th May 2014
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I haven't seen this photo before
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