Victoria, Daniel and Family Picture Thread

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I have to admit I like the glasses Daniel was wearing much better than the ones he wears now.
Yes, it is a bit of a change. With this style we can see more of his face. I like his look in this photo, very clean look.

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The glasses of Daniel!! looks like a hot topic. I think his current style is very Swedish, and that is not always understood. On French speaking sites there are only criticism about them. Personally I don't really like the 2007 style, they are too big. I am not found neither od the current black ones. My preferred ones are those of the wedding period : more square, dark but however not black. Only a personal view.

Apart from that I am quite happy to see these pictures which are rather unknown to me; I started following royalty issues in 2010, in other words after the V&D wedding effect... I have the feeling I am not the only one in that situation.
Lovely pictures of V&D in Vinga!Thanks for sharing:)
These are totally new to me too, lovely pictures!

They were totally new to me too, so I posted them because I thought that hardly anyone has seen them before.

If you mean the first photo, it has been taken in April 2011 (published in 2012), with many other official photos of Victoria and Daniel. It has been at this page for a quite long time. The photos were taken by photographer Mattias Edwall.

The other photos have been there since Daniel became a prince.
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Thanks. Sometimes I think if I had a brain I'd be dangerous! ;)
I really loved the pre-engagement natural snapshots we got of Daniel. But after the engagement we got the "new" Daniel soon to be married to the Crown Princess. Since then, if there is an informal family photo released, Daniel seems to invariably wears a suit and looks more formal than the King! :ermm:

I'd just like to see some casual photo's of Daniel without a suit and with less than immaculate slicked back hair. The nearest we get are those taken wearing snow clothes and hat but going by his formal trend . . . perhaps he's wearing a suit underneath! :whistling:
I admire how Daniel dresses himself. I think there are not many occasions a man in his position can be without a tie, e.g. on Sunday in Solliden, it was the official birthday celebration of his wife, of course he wears a suit and a tie.
Although I come from a rather poor family, the men in our family have always had a tie on someone's birthdays or Christmas, it's great to be properly dressed at a celebration, it differs from normal day. I except a royal man or a man in a high position to have a suit and a tie when he is on duty.
Like Daniel said in his wedding speech, he wants to support Victoria. He wants to be taken seriously and he has managed in it very well.
And Daniel wore a suit almost always already some years before the engagement due to his work as the ceo of his gyms.

And I think that under his suit Daniel is still the hunk... but now only Victoria may see it.
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:previous: Oh don't get me wrong, Daniel is definitely a hunk and, if Victoria's behaviour is anything to go by, a cuddly teddy bear to boot. I just wish he felt relaxed enough to dress down just a little when the rest of the family do.

Going by the hair length and spectacles and jeans on both Victoria and Daniel, those terrific photo's were taken quite some time ago. Certainly before he graduated from "Prince School". Regardless of when, they are definitely a beautiful couple, both inside and out.
Besides how he dresses, I think there's a difference in how Daniel looked before and after the kidney transplant. Hard to put my finger on it, but I think his hair is thinner and slicker, and he's lost a couple of pounds (not sure that's for the better or not, just an observation). Before the transplant he also wore contact lenses quite often. I don't think I've seen him without glasses afterwards.
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