Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel, Current Events Part 3:April 2023

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Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel, Current Events Part 3:April 2023


Welcome to the 3rd thread for Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden´current events.

Please post current news and pictures of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in this thread.

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Victoria and Daniel visit Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden's central bank, today:
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery

Photos by SPA
Court website
Victoria and Daniel received a tour of the premises as well as information about the Riksbank as an institution, current monetary policy, financial stability and the recent turbulence on the financial markets. At the end of the visit, they were shown banknotes, gold and the Riksbank hall.
Kronprinsessparet besökte Sveriges riksbank _ Kungahuset

Good photos from the visit to Sveriges Riksbank.
Nya ljuvliga kärleksbilderna på Victoria och prins Daniel - Allt om kungligt

Sveriges Riksbank at its website
Kronprinsessparet hos Riksbanken _ Sveriges Riksbank

Photos from Sveriges Riksbank's Facebook
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Victoria and Daniel have arrived to Västerås, where they attend Rudbeckianska gymnasiet's 400th anniversary celebration. 1960&h=1102
Stort firande när Sveriges första gymnasium fyller 400 år - P4 Västmanland _ Sveriges Radio

ANP gallery

Gallery from Västerås Tidning
Bildspecial_ Strålande sol och kungligt besök

Short video
Rudbeckianska gymnasiets 400-årsfirande invigdes av Kronprinsessparet _ SVT Nyheter

Court website
Sweden's first gymnasium, Rudbeckianska gymnasiet, was founded by Bishop Johannes Rudbeckius older year 1623.
Victoria and Daniel were received by the governor and the bishop outside the Västerås cathedral. In the church, the Crown Princess Couple received a guided tour during which the main sights were shown.
Anniversary celebration
Afterwards, the Crown Princess couple attended an anniversary celebration of the school. In front of Victoria, Daninel and a large crowd of Västerås residents, music and speeches were performed from the stage. Victoria participated in the inauguration of a new work of art created by Ann-Sofi Sidén.
The visit to Västerås ended with a lunch in the school auditorium.
Kronprinsessparet firade Sveriges första gymnasieskola _ Kungahuset
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Photos of Victoria and Daniel in Västerås 24th May
Photos by SPA


Victoria and Daniel visited yesterday Volvo Trucks and its Tuve plant in Gothenburg, together with Coreper I.
Coreper stands for the 'Committee of the Permanent Representatives of the Governments of the Member States to the European Union'. Coreper is the European Council's main preparatory body. Coreper I is composed of each country's deputy permanent representatives.
Volvo Group Sweden at its Twitter
"The transition is happening here and now and we have to do it together. Today we proudly showed off our electric buses, trucks and machines to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, who also got a guided tour of the Tuve plant."

"Our electric machines have the power to make anyone driving them feel like royalty, so it’s only fitting that we have a real royal behind the wheel. Here is the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria, with our Volvo CE instructor David Lundin after successfully test-driving our EC230 Electric excavator yesterday at our Volvo Trucks Experience Center in Gothenburg, Sweden."

"Today, the Crown Princess couple visited the Volvo Group in Torslanda together with all the EU ambassadors"
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Victoria and Daniel attended this morning West Sweden Chamber of Commerce's Chamber of Commerce Day and annual meeting in Gothenburg. Sten Tolgfors, governor of Västra Götaland County, attended with them.
Victorias kärleksfulla signaler till Daniel på resan i Göteborg - Allt om kungligt

Photo from Facebook of the County Administrative Board of Västra Götaland

Nya bilderna på Victoria – här stjäl kronprinsessan showen! _*Svensk Dam

Royal court at its website about Victoria and Daniel's two days in Gothenburg.
Thursday 25 May
The Crown Princess couple began their visit, together with Governor Sten Tolgfors and Coreper 1 ambassadors, by visiting Volvo trucks. An introduction was given about Volvo trucks' work in green conversion. They could also test drive excavators, construction trucks, lorries and buses.
Victoria and Daniel visited also the Tuve plant. There, they and the Governor were able to see how the trucks are put together and had the opportunity to talk to employees.
The day in Gothenburg ended with Victoria visiting Gunnebo House and Gardens and the Gothenburg Museum of Art.
Victoria was given a guided tour through the pleasure garden, from the treilage to the orangery. The orangery was inaugurated in August 2022 and is built using old craft techniques according to drawings from the 18th century. During the visit to the Museum of Art, Victoria was given a viewing of the exhibition "The wonderful colour". The Gothenburg colorists in a new light".
Friday 26 May
The Crown Princess Couple began the day by visiting the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce Day.
The Crown Princess couple and the Governor then visited the Volvo Cars plant in Torslanda. They received a tour of the plant, information about the expansion and the new battery factory. They were also given a tour of the Design center where new Volvo cars were displayed.
Kronprinsessparet besökte Göteborg _ Kungahuset

From Thursday
"Ambassador @TorbjornHaak and his #COREPERI colleagues are in Sweden and visited @VolvoGroup in Gothenburg today. The Ambassadors had the pleasure to be accompanied by H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel."

Photos from Friday

Governor Sten Tolgfors at his Facebook
"For two days, Crown Princess Victoria has visited Gothenburg, together with Prince Daniel. The Volvo companies, Gunnebo House and gardens, as well as Gothenburg's Art Museum were on the program. Green conversion and electrification were discussed at the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Brilliant days in brilliant sunshine."
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Victoria and Daniel will be in Stockholm on Midsummer Eve 23rd June.

The Stockholm City Hall 100 years
Opening ceremony on Midsummer Eve at 10.00
"Kärlekspar på klippan" is inaugurated on Midsummer Eve, the City Hall's 100th birthday, by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria, in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Daniel. The day is dedicated to love. For ten hours, the house is filled with love as 200 couples get married in one of the beautiful rooms. The day starts with the artwork being inaugurated.
A bronze sculpture "Kärlekspar på klippan" by Stina Persson is a tribute to love. The sculpture will be placed outside the City Hall entrance to De Hundredes Valv. The entrance that is used as an entrance for the house's guests of honor and also for all the thousands of couples who get married in the City Hall every year.
The sculpture "Kärlekspar på klippan" is the City's own birthday gift to the City Hall.
Stadshuset berikas med ny konst _ Stockholms stad
Victoria and Daniel attend at the Stockholm City Hall the inauguration of Stina Persson's bronze statue "Kärlekspar på klippan" (Lovers on the Rock) today, on the City Hall's 100th birthday.
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery
Legion-Media gallery
Photos by SPA

Victorias stilsäkra midsommarlook – se nya bilderna! _*Svensk Dam

Court website
Kronprinsessan avtäckte konstverk med anledning av Stockholms stadshus 100-årsfirande _ Kungahuset

Stina Persson at her Instagram
"Now my sculpture "Lovers on the rock" is inaugurated! I am so happy and proud that it is there at the City Hall! And thank you Stockholm Art and Stockholm City Hall for the commission. Thank you Crown Princess and Prince Daniel who inaugurated the work!"

Crown Princess Victoria Marks the 100th Anniversary of Stockholm City Hall — Royal Portraits Gallery

Video from the City Hall
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Victoria and Daniel attend seminar "Stärkt försörjningsberedskap för Sverige" (Strengthened supply readiness for Sweden) held at the premises of SNS, Center for Business and Policy Studies. Major General Peder Ohlsson, the new Chief of HM the King's Military Staff, came with them.
Imago gallery
ANP gallery

Nya bilden visar_ Kronprinsessan Victorias klädtrick _*Svensk Dam
Prins Daniel på solskenshumör under uppdraget med Victoria - Allt om kungligt

About the seminar
How can companies and public administration work together to strengthen total defense and create an effective supply readiness?
Stärkt försörjningsberedskap för Sverige - SNS
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Victoria and Daniel met yesterday representatives from The Swedish Institute of International Affairs at the Royal Palace.
Victoria and Daniel met today at the Royal Palace representatives from the National Police Operations Department (NOA).
Catharina Törnqvist and Johan Sone informed about the crime prevention method Rätt kurva. The purpose of "Rätt kurva", which is based on collaboration between the police and social services, is to identify children aged 8 to 15 who are deemed to be at particularly high risk of becoming part of organized crime.
Rätt kurva has been introduced in Linköping, Gothenburg and Södertälje.
Kronprinsessparet i möte med NOA _ Kungahuset
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The Jewish Congregation in Stockholm at its social media and website:
Due to the reported increase in anti-Semitism around Sweden and the increased threat to Jewish activities, the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel chose to privately visit the Great Synagogue in Stockholm on Friday evening, November 10, to participate in the Shabbat service. They were welcomed by the congretation's general secretary Hanna Halpern.
Kronprinsessan och Prins Daniel på besök i Stora synagogan
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Victoria and Daniel's program tomorrow in Berlin:

Meeting with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
11.30 Photo opportunity: welcome ceremony in front of Bellevue Palace
Photo opportunity: signing of the guest book
- H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria
- H.R.H. Prince Daniel
- Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
- Mrs Elke Büdenbender
Location: Schloss Bellevue

Wreath-laying ceremony on the National Day of Mourning at the Central Memorial to the Victims of War and Tyranny
12.30 Photo opportunity
- H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria
- H.R.H. Prince Daniel
- Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
- Mrs Elke Büdenbender
Location: Neue Wache

Memorial speech by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden at the official ceremony on the National Day of Mourning organised by the German War Graves Commission
13.30 Official commemoration ceremony
Memorial speech by H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria (Language: German)
14.45 Photo opportunity
Location: German Bundestag Program_HRH Crown Princess Victoria.pdf

Program at the official ceremony of Volkstrauertag/National Day of Mourning
Volkstrauertag 2023
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Victoria and Daniel arrived to Bellevue Palace to meet Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender.
Getty Images
Reuters gallery
TT gallery

With the Federal-President and mrs Elke Büdenbender in Bellevue Palace.

Wreath-laying ceremony at the Central Memorial to the Victims of War and Tyranny, Neue Wache.
Reuters gallery
TT gallery

We are celebrating this year's National Day of Mourning together with our partner country Sweden. Together we remember our extensive history up to today's partnership in a united Europe of free and peaceful democracies. At the same time, this year we are particularly remembering those who died in the war of aggression against Ukraine. The keynote speaker is Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden and Duchess of Västergötland in the German Bundestag.
Volkstrauertag – Gedenkstunde _

The official ceremony on the National Day of Mourning at German Bundestag
Victoria's speech

Photos from the ceremony + Victoria, Daniel and the presidential couple posed for photos after the ceremony.
Getty Images
Reuters gallery
TT gallery
TT gallery

German Bundestag at its website
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has called for us to take collective responsibility in the face of the crises in the world. One should never forget the horrors of war and tyranny, said the heir to the Swedish throne in her commemorative speech. It is important to remind “our children and young people” that the power for change can arise from the most difficult experiences. This is a time of important decisions, a time of tests, but also a time of opportunities.
It is a time, Victoria said, when “our peoples and governments” are acting together to help the Ukrainian people defend themselves against Russian aggression. She is convinced “that our efforts will bear fruit”.
Deutscher Bundestag - Victoria von Schweden_ Müssen gemeinsam Verantwortung übernehmen

After the ceremony Victoria and Daniel had a conversation, photos by Xander Heinl at Bundestag website:
Bundestag Vice President Aydan Özoguz, SPD, MdB, receives Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden for a conversation.

Victoria of Sweden gives a remarkable speech in the German Bundestag
Victoria von Schweden hält bemerkenswerte Rede im Deutschen Bundestag RTL

“The mood is icier than it has been for a long time”: Crown Princess of Sweden remembers wars in Ukraine and Israel in the Bundestag
„Stimmung eisig wie lange nicht“_ Kronprinzessin von Schweden erinnert im Bundestag an Kriege in der Ukraine und Israel Der Tagesspiegel

Fließendes Deutsch_ Victoria von Schweden hält Rede im Bundestag _
Kronprinsessan Victoria talade i Förbundsdagen i Tyskland på minnesdagen Aftonbladet

Court website
Victoria and Daniel began the day in Berlin by being received at Bellevue Palace for talks with Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and wife Elke Büdenbender.
Together with the Federal President and Mrs. Büdenbender, the Crown Princess Couple also visited the Neue Wache, the memorial to the victims of the war, during the day. During a ceremony, the Crown Princess and the Federal President as well as other guests of honor laid wreaths at the memorial. A minute's silence was then observed.
Kronprinsessan talade i tyska förbundsdagen _ Kungahuset

Victoria's speech
Rede I.K.H. Kronprinzessin Victoria von Schweden am Volkstrauertag _ Kungahuset

Victoria's speech at Swedish Court Youtube
Dorothee Bär, a member of German Bundestag, at her Instagram with a photo with Victoria
"Well over twenty years ago, I stood excitedly in front of the Nordic Embassies in Berlin to interview Crown Princess Victoria @kungahuset from intern to intern. At that time she was interning at the @Nordic Embassies for some time and I was at the @bzberlin at the same time. Unfortunately something went wrong with the accreditation and I had to stay outside the door I had always hoped to get to know her and after more than two decades it was finally today so far. And what should I say? She is just as personable, approachable and down-to-earth as she comes across in the media. A great woman! The occasion was not a good one: Remembrance Day. But even there she managed to give her speech a particularly emphatic note. In perfect German she confessed: “My feelings for Germany are intimate and deep.” She further said that it is a time for our peoples and governments to act together to help the Ukrainian people defend themselves against Russian aggression. She also mentioned Hamas' horrific attacks on Israeli civilians. You can listen to the whole speech on It is worth it .. Her husband Prince Daniel was also there and is also a polite and impressive person"

The Swedish Embassy at its Instagram
"...Being able to take part in Remembrance Day as a guest of honor is a great honor for Sweden and testifies to the excellent relationship between our countries. We are united in our understanding of freedom, democracy and human rights, in our European and international commitment."

Her appearance was regal. In perfect German, the mother of two reminded us that peace and freedom are not a given, but rather fragile.
There was something historic about the speech the way the strong Victoria delivered it. She seems ready for the role as head of the Swedish royal family, saying in specially written sentences: “Hardly anyone knows more about the fragility of a civilization than the German people. Hardly anyone knows better the difference between peace and war, between freedom and oppression, between hope and abyss, between normality and catastrophe.”
She will be able to do that. This princess radiates a wonderful aura. She has a heart for people.
Kronprinzessin Victoria im Bundestag_ Nach bewegender Rede zeigte sie ihr Lachen _ Unterhaltung _ BILD
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Victoria and Daniel visited Unicef Sweden this afternoon.
Photos by SPA
ANP gallery

Unicef Sweden at its Instagram
Today is the day of the Children's Convention, a day that this year has been filled with exciting and inspiring activities at our office
We had the honor of welcoming @bulltoftaidrottsforening, who has been awarded the UNICEF Hero of the Year award! ...
The Crown Princess couple also visited to learn how we and @unicefinnovate work to strengthen children's rights. They also got to meet some of the young people who participated in the reporting to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.

The royal court at its website
Victoria and Daniel were welcomed by Pernilla Baralt, Secretary General of Unicef Sweden and Thomas Davin, Director of the Unicef Office of Innovation.
They were given a tour of the office and the Unicef Office of Innovation presented the work they are doing within the Venture Fund, the Game Changers Coalition and the recently launched Climate Cohort.
At the end of the visit, the Crown Princess Couple met five young people who participated in the reporting to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.
Kronprinsessparet besökte Unicef _ Kungahuset


From Volkstrauertag
Kronprinsessan Victoria håller tal på tyska i Berlin TV4
Victoria bar Nobelklänning från pandemin på tyska minnesceremonin _ Damernas Värld
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Victoria and Daniel visited this morning the SOS Alarm emergency call centre in Stockholm.
On behalf of the Swedish state, SOS Alarm is responsible for the emergency number 112 and has a central role in society's crisis preparedness. Their vision is a safer Sweden for everyone.
TT gallery
Profimedia gallery
Legion-Media gallery
2024-01-11 Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visits SOS Alarm in Stockholm _ Flickr
Victoria & Daniel på besök hos SOS Alarm - GALA magasin
Victoria i raffig läderkjol under spännande möte med Daniel - Allt om kungligt

Court website
Victoria and Daniel were told how SOS Alarm handles alarms and coordinates aid resources in accidents, crises and disturbances in society.
Kronprinsessparet besökte SOS Alarm _ Kungahuset

SOS Alarm at its social media
"Today was a special day - we were visited by H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria and H.K.H. Prince Daniel During the visit, the Crown Princess Couple met our SOS operators and got an insight into the important work they do every day, all year round Thank you for a memorable visit, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel!"

SPA just published a video of the visit to SOS Alarm.
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Victoria and Daniel will visit Saab in Linköping on Thursday morning and then, among other things, get information about the new fighter aircraft Jas 39 Gripen E. The couple will also get to see the reconnaissance and command aircraft Global Eye and have a number of meetings with representatives of the defence group.
Kronprinsessan besöker Linköping i veckan – så ser schemat ut Corren

Press release from the County Administrative Board of Östergötland County:
On Thursday 25 January, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visit Östergötland and Linköping. The visit is hosted by the County Administrative Board. The media is invited to participate during the introduction of the two seminars that are being arranged and which focus on crime prevention work against young people who are already gang criminals or at risk of ending up in gang crime.
Linköping municipality, social administration, Djurgårdsgatan 1
At 13:45, the Crown Princess Couple arrives for a visit to Linköping Municipality's social services. The Chair of the Executive Committee, Kristina Edlund, welcomes. Presentation of the Rätt Kurva project, a crime prevention program aimed at children. The project is presented by social services and municipal police. (The Crown Princess Couple's Foundation supports the Rätt Kurva project).
Linköping Castle
At 14:40, the Crown Princess Couple arrives at Linköping Castle (the Governor's residence) and the inner castle grounds, where Governor Carl Fredrik Graf and County Councilor Ann Holmlid greet them.
14:50 begins the seminar "Östergötland together against crime" - The work of various actors and good examples from the county. The seminar points then follow with lecturers: the County Administrative Board's role in crime prevention, Gang talk - Kinda municipality, Local cooperation between the police and Motala municipality, Parenting in Sweden - Norrköping municipality, Near social services and the family center, Linköping municipality. The seminar ends with a general reflection.
Kronprinsessan Victoria och Prins Daniel besöker Linköping _ Länsstyrelsen Östergötland
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Victoria and Daniel arrived in the morning to aerospace and defence company Saab in Linköping. Major General Peder Ohlsson, the Chief of HM the King's Military Staff, accompanied Victoria and Daniel at the visit.
Victoria got to "test drive" Jas Gripen fighter aircraft.

ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery

Short video at SVT News:
- It is incredibly honorable to have the crown princess couple here today, says Anders Carp, vice president at Saab.
When pilot Mikael Olsson has explained and shown Victoria the plane, she agrees to the photographers' request for photos, she turns her face to each of the photographers and then she asks patiently: "Are you ready now?".
”So long” – hälsade kronprinsessan från Gripen E när hon besökte Saab i Linköping _ SVT Nyheter

Saab's Press Officer Mattias Rådström at his X:
"Honored that Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel wanted to visit Saab in Linköping today to learn more about Gripen, GlobalEye and much more."

Crown Princess Victoria climbs into the cockpit on visit to aerospace company with Prince Daniel _ Daily Mail Online
Video: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden climbs into the cockpit on visit to aerospace company with Prince Daniel _ Daily Mail Online

Bild-Extra_ Här blir Victoria stridspilot i snabba jaktplanet - Allt om kungligt


After the visit to Saab Victoria and Daniel arrived to the Governor's residence, Linköping Castle, for a seminar on about crime prevention work against young people who are already gang criminals or at risk of ending up in gang crime.
ANP gallery
ANP gallery

Linköping Municipality about the visit:
The purpose of the visit was to listen to how Linköping municipality and other municipalities in the county work on crime prevention.
Victoria and Daniel visited the social service to listen to Rätt kurva project, crime prevention work linked to children between the ages of 8-15 and their families. They asked questions about resources and challenges. Social secretaries and police officers who work with Rätt kurva, Chair of the Executive Committee Kristina Edlund and Social Committee chair Annika Krutzén presented the project. Victoria listened curiously and asked questions about the way of working and how social services and the police work with building trust and the reception. One of the boys who are part of the project told about what it is like to be part of the project.
At the residence at Linköping Castle was the seminar "Östergötland together against crime", where municipalities of Kinda, Motala, Norrköping and Linköping discussed their working methods linked to crime prevention work. Reflections and questions contributed to conversations about the preventive work.
- Thank you for taking the time. You are all socially engaged and have deep knowledge in your fields, said Victoria and Daniel before the day in Linköping ended.
​Kronprinsessan och Prins Daniel besökte Linköping

The County Administrative Board of Östergötland County at its social media
"There were many interesting presentations, lectures and conversations when Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Linköping to learn about what the county administration, municipalities, police and social services are doing to prevent young people ending up in gang crime. And if they have already ended up there - how they will be able to get out.
The visit to the social authority was followed by the seminar "Östergötland together against crime" which was organized by the county board and took place at the castle. Several actors talked about their activities and many stressed the importance of cooperation, to be able and able to be persistent and work in the long term.
The Crown Princess Couple asked many questions and expressed great gratitude for having gained a deeper insight into the crime prevention work."

A good photo of Victoria and Daniel with county governor Carl Fredrik Graf
Spektakulära bilden – så har du aldrig sett Victoria _*Svensk Dam

New crime prevention initiative was presented to the Crown Princess couple
The County Administrative Board runs a long-term development project together with the municipalities in Östergötland to promote good and equal growing up conditions for children and young people. In Norrköping, there are several parallel tracks in the crime prevention work. The Social Office works, among other things, with various types of parental support and in the autumn of 2023, the new program Parenthood in Sweden was introduced, which received attention during the day. It consists of group meetings for foreign-born parents who have children aged 0–18.
Ny brottsförebyggande satsning presenterades för kronprinsessparet _ Norrköpings kommun

Video by SPA
Court website
Kronprinsessparet besökte Linköping _ Kungahuset

Photos at Court's Instagram

So long!_ - Kronprinsessan testade stridsflygplan - GALA magasin
Victorias lyx-accessoarer – så mycket kostar de! _*Svensk Dam

Crime prevention work was the theme when the crown princess visited the county
The municipality's crime prevention coordinator Mannie Gustavsson and police Josefin Arvidsson participated from Motala. They described the local collaboration between the police and Motala municipality.
- What a fantastic day! I am so happy and grateful that, together with Josefin, I had the honor to tell about the municipality's good cooperation in crime prevention work. The Crown Princess couple were very interested, says Mannie Gustavsson.
Brottsförebyggande arbetet tema när kronprinsessan besökte länet - Motala kommun

Crime prevention rapporteur for the Crown Princess Couple!
Our crime prevention officer Tobias Siverholm was invited to Linköping Castle yesterday 25/1 to tell the Crown Princess Couple about the municipality's crime prevention work.
Brottsförebyggare föredragande för Kronprinsessparet! - A different Kinda life - en del av Sjöriket Kinda!

Motala municipality's crime prevention coordinator Mannie Gustavsson and police officer Josefin Arvidsson participated in the seminar "Östergötland together against crime" with Victoria and Daniel last Thursday in Linköping. When Mannie was asked to attend this meeting, the answer was obvious.
- I was in shock, I didn't realize it was true. What, do I want to? Of course I want to! This is fantastic!
Mannie had only positive things to say about Victoria and Daniel, who also posed for photos with her and Josefin.
- Victoria and Daniel are very interested and knowledgeable. They asked great questions and were curious. It was a fantastic afternoon. They took their time and there was no stress. They said a few words and were very relaxed.
Vittnet berättar – sanningen om mötet med Victoria och Daniel _*Svensk Dam
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Victoria and Daniel attend the memorial ceremony for Holocaust victims at the Eric Ericson Hall.
Pic 1
Pic 2
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery

Ceremoni_ Förintelsens minnesdag - Forum för levande historia

Victoria och Daniel på Förintelsens minnesdag 2024 _*Svensk Dam

SPA photos
Legion-Media gallery

Kungafamiljen hedrade minnet av Förintelsens offer _ Kungahuset


Still photos from Linköping on Thursday:
The Linköping Police:
"The Crown Princess and Prince Daniel had wished to find out more about the work carried out within Rätt kurva, which is a new collaborative crime prevention work between the police, social services and the school. The work is aimed at children between 8-15 with the aim of catching the children who run the greatest risk of ending up in crime. There were many questions and we talked about how we find the children who we judge to be most in need of the intervention and how the work is carried out in everyday life. We also talked about how good relationships with children and young people are crucial for building trust and confidence that can make a difference both here and now, but also in the future."

Kronprinsessparet på besök i Linköping - GALA magasin
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Victoria and Daniel had today a meeting in connection with COP28 at the Royal Palace.
Victoria and Daniel visited yesterday the Ministry of Finance and were welcomed by the Minister for Finance, Elisabeth Svantesson.
"HRH Crown Princess Victoria and HRH Prince Daniel met employees who, among other things, talked about different parts of the work at the Ministry of Finance."

The Royal Court tells that at the visit to the Ministry of Finance Victoria and Daniel were told also about the economic development in the outside world.
Victoria and Daniel met today at the Royal Palace Pål Jonson, the Minister for Defence. He told them about the current issues in the field of defence policy.
Victoria and Daniel have four work events today (one of them with the King and Queen).
In the morning they visited The Supreme Court.
Getty Images gallery
ANP gallery
Profimedia gallery

At the Supreme Court

The Royal Court about the visit to the Supreme Court.
During the visit, the Crown Princess Couple received information about the court's history and current activities, and met some of the court's employees.

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Victoria and Daniel had yesterday a meeting with the Swedish Ambassador to Italy Jan Björklund, Counsellor Maria Åkerlund de Francisco from the Swedish Embassy in Rome, Vice President Business Sweden Europe Yvonne Pernodd and senior project manager Business Sweden Italy Maria Dahlberg.

Daniel attends the inauguration or the Nordic Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia on April 18, otherwise there is no news about a visit to Italy.

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