The Duchess of Cambridge's Daytime Fashion Part 7: March 2012 - April 2012

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It has been mentioned at other places several times that most of the dresses Kate wore in the last year were from older collections of the designers, so, of course they would have been sold out very easily. ;)

On the contrary, as someone who's tried on several occasions to buy some of the clothes Kate has worn over the last year, even when the clothes are from past seasons they're almost all still available online, before Kate wears them. You could've bought the Rebecca Taylor blue jacket at Nordstrom's this morning for example, but after Kate was pictured wearing it it had gone in minutes. Usually after Kate wears something the designer's website crashes as people try to get what she's worn. And it's not just clothes; after Kate was pictured playing hockey a few weeks ago sales of hockey equipment rose more than 400% the next day.

The same can be said of Pippa. I bought a Modalu handbag that she has been seen with. I had to wait about 2 months for it as the company had been inundated with orders. When I got it I wasn't fussed with the straps so I sold it on ebay. It cost me £149 and I sold it almost £400 and had people from all over the world messaging me to see if I would ship it overseas. It was bonkers.
That's really amazing; these ladies have got the golden touch when it comes to influencing fashion. They've certainly given a healthy boost to the fashion industry in terms of supply and demand, and the less of supply the more in demand, it seems. Glad you made a profit, EIIR!
I was pretty flabbergasted by the whole thing, Baroness. It was the one Pippa had the day after the wedding when the Middletons left the Goring. I couldn't believe the interest in it.

That's why however much the younger Middleton may hang around with plonkers who like toy guns I'll always have a soft spot for her! ;)

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