Tatiana, Princess Nikolaos of Greece Fashion & Style Part 1: December 2009 - May 2017

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One of my favourite tonight. The dress is beautiful and the colour is wonderful for her. And she has a killer body :wub:
Tatiana looks amazing. Great color.
Wow she looks great. Not always a fan if bell sleeves but look great on her. Along with the shoulder, adds interest to the simple gown.

Rounds out my top five for night. :flowers:
Tatiana's dark green one-shoulder dress with bell sleeves is divine!
This is seemingly simple dress, yet its design makes it stand out and look fresh. Tatiana being slim and tall, with good body-posture, naturally help to show off this dress at its best.
She was my favorite lady from yesterday evening.
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Once again winner look! Simply casual but very elegant and becoming.
Oh not liking this white dress....hard to beat last nights dress.

Oh yes, its pretty hard to beat that beautiful green dress and she couldn't do it ;)
This white dress looks very lovely and romantic but I do not like its upper part because it seems too bare and daring for this kind of event. Its indeed more suitable for some summer wedding event.
Last nights dress was not an evening dress at all, it was a wedding dress. Not pretty at all IMO. She does so much better. It was a miss yesterday.

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