The Duchess of Cornwall's Fashion & Style Part 13: November 2019 - May 2021

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Welcome to Part 13 of the thread for The Duchess of Cornwall's Fashion & Style!

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** The Duchess of Cornwall's Fashion & Style Part 12: December 2018 - November 2019 **

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A very fresh and elegant outfit for Camilla. I like the subtle shades together.
Both outfits are lovely on her as well as the shoes and earrings and choker.pastel shades look very becoming and her clothes are superbly tailored. Her hair looks pretty flat and shapeless though
That soft blue is a lovely color on Camilla, and the cut of the suit is very nice on her, too.
That is a lovely suit, so flattering in the jacket and a beautiful colour.
This doesn’t do any favours to the Duchess’ figure with the pleats in the skirt and slightly flared sleeves. I think it’s been worn several times previously, but please correct me if I’m wrong.
She really seems to favour these zipped jackets of late, we’ll we are seeing several on this tour.
This zipped jacket seems to be rather ill-fitting on Camilla but the colour is nice on her.
The cream suit is a disappointment. It looks ill-fitting and that boxy short jacket and flared sleeves are not in the least bit flattering.

The Reception ensemble is a really great look. It is perfectly tuned to the actual occasion and the colour and cut are very flattering. The new (to me) earrings don't hurt either.
If the reception ensemble is a Jumpsuit then I would be thinking she wears on better than the younger crew. :D

Once again, the colour and cut of this dress are perfect for here. The weather doesn't know if it's Winter, Spring or Summer. If the dress is denim, point me to the store ladies. ;)
She has looked nice this tour. Surprised with the jumpsuit but nice style.

Camilla has a pretty standard style (except when in Middle East) and it works for her. At her age you expect a more 'uniform' and not taking risks with fashion as one could hope younger royals would.
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For the NATO reception later today she wore the red dress without the cape:

** Pic **
The black cape did nothing for the red dress and it look far nicer without it.
Camilla is blending into her surroundings! :D That shade of red is lovely on her, though.
Not too keen on the tartan worn earlier in the day and the evening outfit is far nicer.
I don't have a problem with the tartan. My problem is with the scarf that doesn't really go with the tartan. The evening gown is very nice. I really like the pink lining of the shawl/stole/cape whatever it is.
I think the evening outfit is very flattering and the pink lining is a nice touch. I like the colour of the day outfit and the scarf works okay,although it is perhaps too striking.
I think Camilla looks nice. The scarf does seem somewhat odd but it's not terrible.
The evening gown is very nice. I really like the pink lining of the shawl/stole/cape whatever it is.

If I am not mistaken, the shawl with the black lining dates back to 2012, when she wore it at a private event with the King and Queen of Sweden, whilst on the jubilee tour of Scandinavia.

The black dress is more recent, and I think it is by Bruce Oldfield. I think Camilla has worn it previously at a private dinner at Windsor for the Aga Khan and his family, as well as for a BP event in connection with Prince Charles' 70th birthday when she paired the gown with the Greville Festoon necklace.
I love the tartan!
And about the scarf, its normal. Sometimes scarfs fit, sometimes they dont.
its just a random thing that anyone of us has gone through.
Welcome Camilla to the "scarf doesnt exactly match the dress/shirt/jumper/ club" ;).
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