Tatiana, Princess Nikolaos of Greece Fashion & Style Part 1: December 2009 - May 2017

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Hair, make up and earrings are fab but I think the dress is a bit aging. Also, it's really quite warm in London these days - I wouldn't have been able to wear black, however diaphanous the material.
I think he make up and hair was very nice, the black color she wears well but the opening in the dress was odd.
Love it! I have never seen her wear anything that I didn't like. She always looks fabulous!
I like the dress on Tatiana overall and she looks nice, but I find the slit around the chest area to be a little unnecessary. It kind of spoils the rest of the dress for me.
:previous:Same here HP. If not for the unnecessary(imo) little peep hole in the chest area I wouldn't mind the gown.

The thing I've noticed about Tatiana is that she didn't change her style after she married into the GRF. A lot of women start a sort of "princess makeover" with a very distinct way of dressing and behaving after they marry their princes.

Not Tatiana Blatnik. She was a fashion model before she wed Nikolaos and she still dresses with a runway flamboyance and behaves like a model in front of the camera as well, the way she holds her head and body.

Not really a criticism as much as an observation.
:previous: Of course I don't know, but perhaps she seems to be keeping her style rather than "princessifying" it because since the Greek RF is no longer a reigning royal family, she feels more relaxed about her choice of style as she doesn't have the same amount of comments on her clothing that the reigning royals do. I've noticed this in Princess Clotilde of Savoy, but then again she doesn't focus on her royal role much and prefers to go by her maiden name, so I think she considers herself as more of an actress than a princess.
I totally agree about the GRF HP, but that didn't stop Tatiana's sister-in-law Princess Pavlos. She dressed the part of princess to the hilt in the early years of her marriage although she has relaxed a bit lately.

And no...Clothilde Courau never bothered at all.:sad:
I thought Tatiana had a great style of fashion before she married and she somehow dressed like royalty or let's say appropriate with style. Her style continued after her marriage and there was no need for her to change her style IMO.
At itself not bad, but imo the gap in the front is very distracting...the seam seems looks like a tube going in (or out) of it

I agree, the opening in the front is totally unnecessary :ermm:
I thought Tatiana had a great style of fashion before she married and she somehow dressed like royalty or let's say appropriate with style. Her style continued after her marriage and there was no need for her to change her style IMO.

She becomes older and probably changed her mind on being a fashionista? Read: there are more important things in life.
Tatiana had and still has a Boho style, something similar to Tatiana's Santo Domingo style but more elegant. I like this style, it is effortlessly elegant.
But when she is dressed to Princess (like in royal events) she is absolutely stunning.
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She use to dress more as a fashionista to fashion events and parties related to art and fashion. I think she dress appropriate to events she goes to. The last outfit is a bit weird, the colors are nice but I think a bit much together.
Princess Tatiana in Dubai, participating in Royal Bridge Convergence

I'm not so much fun of this dress!


Princess Tatiana presented her book "A Taste of Greece: Recipes, Cuisine & Culture" in Athens yesterday, December 14.

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Princess Tatiana so beautiful yesterday at the wedding in London!!

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Not silly at all!! Probably changed after the wedding for the reception!!
Both outfits look lovely and Tatiana looks really nice in them.
Most unusually, I hated these dresses. She is generally IMO one of the most elegant ladies in the Royal fold.
Within charitable activity , Princess Tatiana, which is a member of the Committee of «Elpida Youth», attended the Avant Premiere of child movie Boss Baby (from Swing Head) Sunday April 2 at Athens .

All white! I like it!


Princess Tatiana participated as Designer jewelery in charity exhibition. In This exhibition participate 110 jewelery designers whose creations auctioned for charity!

Simple and elegant!


On Monday, April 24, 2017, in the amphitheater of the Acropolis Museum,Princess Tatiana attend at the presentation of a Education Program .

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I never really pay much attention to Princess Tatiana but she did look very stylish and professional.
I love the dress. She looks beautiful
Princess Tatiana is absolutely stunning the colour is really lovely too!
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