Sheikha Mozah's Fashion & Style Part 1: August 2009 - May 2016

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great look but not the perfect for an arrival I think ...
She is quite beautiful.

To me, she and a younger Julie Newmar resemble/favor each other; does anyone else see it?
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I like this dress. The color of the dress looks nice with the color of her hair.

Sheikha Mozah is very elegant.
She just looks stunning. She pulls off looks not many have the beauty or elegance to do! Thanks for the photos!
i also like the dress Sheikha Mozah looks so elegant.
the color is pretty and the cut suit Mozah figure.
I hace two questions: does she ever wear anything knee lenght? Does she cover her hair because she has to or is that her personal choice?
As a rule, most of Sheikha Mozah's ensembles cover her knees. Her headscarf is an interpretation of hijab. I am sure she covers her head because it is her personal choice.
The ensemble worn in Germany was perfectly fitted. I like the icy pink colour. I am not keen on the way the blue belt sticks out.
Shiekha Mozah is one gorgeous gal!! Love the suit as always!!!
Lovely white suite, but I don't like the large blue bow. The suit would look better without it imo.
I love the large blue bow. I think it's a nice touch to her outfit. The purse and shoes are just to die for. Beautiful outfit on a wonderful woman.
I love this dress ! The dress would be nice without the bow but it's very original. Sheikha Mozah is always very elegant.
She looks like a package to be unwrapped with that bow. The suit is okay. Too long. She could be very attractive.
I like the outfit, and especially the fur. I don't mind the all black.
i don't mind the black at all she looks sophisticated.
the fur is a lovely addition:)
the bag looks intersting too.
She looks great. the jacket is fantastic.
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