Sheikha Mozah's Fashion & Style Part 1: August 2009 - May 2016

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I love her in black in the first and last photos- so glamorus!
really stunning , black suits her . I think she has got the right equation ; modern , elegant and preservative representitive of her country
I totally love Moza in abayas everytime she wear them she looks so majestic,and I am glad she keep wearing them inside and outside Quatar.
the 1st one is amazing and loved the last 2 pics
This is a pretty pink gown. I like it a lot! I'm sure she has a treasure chest full of jewels. ;)
Sheikha Mozah looks fantastic in pink. I like the jacket that is over the gown. She is very beautiful.
The pink looks good against her skin tone. Sheikha Mozah is a beautiful woman and has exquisite skin!
Sheika Mozah really does have beautiful skin, doesnt she? Like many other posters, I love her in pink as well! The jewelry is fantastic, especially the diamond bracelet, and the pin on her head scarf is a nice regal detail.
Her dressing style is magnificent....But I like her Abaya it simply looks majestic
The red makes her look like an old timey movie star. It is gorgeous on her skin and she's got a fantastic body. But of course I would love to see her without a wrap on her head (curiousity I suppose!).
April 6, 2010 - Sheikha Mozah in a teal skirt with gathering detail on the side matched with a bright fuchia jacker and top.
The two colors dont go together, the fabrics are a bit too much to be matched together as well.

Imageshack - firstpage12.jpg
I agree with Dazz. The overall look is also too shiny for me, though these pieces are nice separately.
The emir's wife who's becoming a style icon

The wife of the emir of Qatar appears to be two parts Jackie O and one part Carrie Bradshaw, to judge from her unique style...
Wow, thanks for this link Dazz! :flowers: Are these appearances recent? I like the first red/pink dress a lot!
great outfit i think she looks great in white i don't like the shoes too she must have better ones to wore them with this nice outfit.
The outfit is very nice indeed, but I dislike these headpieces she usually wears. This one makes her look like a nurse. BTW, how do you call them?
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