Queen Silvia's Fashion and Style Part 3: January 2012 - April 2013

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Adore the dress, love the jewels. Queen Silvia looks fantastic! This is the best I've seen her look at a formal function in a while. Also the Coral Suit was very nice. The color suits her well, without being overpowering.
I like the two pieces-gown, both the colours and fabrics are very beautiful. A very special appearance!

Both outfits are beautiful and suit really great on Queen Silvia :)
The Queen looks lovely.
Not fond other black shawl thing, but overall quite pretty.
Would like to see the dress. Her cape is kind of growing on me.
The shawl is way too much for me.
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l don't like the immense black stole, way too overpowering, although the collar is nice. I hope we can see a picture of her gown.
Princess Madeleine Looks So Nice & Elegant , Queen Silvia Looks Nice But The Black Shwal Completely Wrong I Think ruin her Dress Style , Thank you for Posting .
For the WCF gala in New York, Queen Silvia was wearing her beautifully draped white gown by Yuki (= Gnyuki Torimaru) - see the pic below.
As she is actually in mourning for Count Carl Johan Bernadotte, she obviously felt the need to wear the black-and-white stole, which was IMO not the best solution. (Rather odd on the other hand that Princess Madeleine made no reference to mourning, dress-wise.)

From early last year, the Yuki dress without the shawl:

Full view from last night:

Detail of the evening purse:

Queen Silvia at the World Childhood Foundation symposium held at the NASDAQ on Times Square today, repeating a beautiful jacket with fringed lapel detailing designed by Chanel:

Close up

Full view
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She looks wonderful, like always and Chanel jacket is phenomenal :rose2:
A very elegant black and white outfit!
how many yuki dresses has she worn?
2 white
1 red
1 pink
There are several more Gnyuki Torimaru (aka Yuki) dresses of Queen Silvia:
- black and white one-shouldered two piece (worn for example at Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee in 2002);
- blue two-piece (worn at the Water Prize 2002)
- fuchsia pink dress with cape jacket (seen for example during the 2009 state visit to Italy)
- deep purple draped dress (worn for the 2009 Nobel ‘Day After’ gala)
as well as a few daytime outfits.

Link to Yuki’s (beautiful) website, which also shows even more avant-garde variations of the designs he created for Queen Silvia:
Queen Silvia wore a gorgeous purple suit for today's Lunch with Monarchs.
I love the suit (especially the colour), and the accessories are very well chosen as well.
- Full view
- Side view
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Prince Phillip surely knows how to appreciate a beautiful lady! There aren't many charmant gentlemen like him anymore...
Queen Silvia wore a gorgeous purple suit for today's Lunch with Monarchs.
I love the suit (especially the colour), and the accessories are very well chosen as well.
- The full view

It's really a very beautiful royal blue suit :flowers:
She has worn before pic1
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She looks fabulous! Great color, great cut and the hair and jewels are very nice. By far one of the best dressed.
I do love Silvia, she is so lovely and has aged wonderfully. No doubt she is glowing in her new position as Granny! Love the image of Philip greeting her, what a charmer.
Beautiful plum outfit on Silivia; it's cut so well and she looks so elegant. She always has the perfect choice of jewels, too. And I'm sure Philip is in his element, kissing lovely ladies' hands as well!
A beautiful colour for Queen Silvia. Very elegant.
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