Queen Silvia's Fashion and Style Part 3: January 2012 - April 2013

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That jacket is magnificent. The color, the fabric, really made just beautifully. She is one elegant lady and Queen of course.
Fantastic outfit - she has such a great figure. Beautiful subtle colour so she was regal but not the centre of attention.
A perfectly elegant Queen Silvia; the outfit is apparently by Valentino.
IMHO a very good decision to opt for luxurious softness instead of a more strict and formal suit, the powdery rosé is a great shade for this kind of occasion, and the lace of the top is simply gorgeous.

The top part:

Queen Silvia’s outfit at the christening is a one-of-a-kind Valentino couture, but the same lace was seen in Valentino's 2012 collection – less appealing in red and used to much better effect for Silvia's jacket today, IMHO.
The lace in the collection piece:
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I love this outfit, especially the hat and jewellery; those pearls are magnificent.
Looks at her mother on her wedding day. Perfect nice outfit and necklace.
She looks wonderful. The color and style are great. You can tell that she is one proud grandmother.
That hat is to die for; it's a cloche style and frames her face so beautifully. It's as lovely in the back as the front, and complements her elegant pastel outfit so well. And those pearls are divine; no other jewel could look so well with the lace.
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I don't think she could have picked a better color for her granddaughter's christening.
iceflower said:

Queen Silvia at the christening of her granddaughter today, May 22, looking fantastic in a wonderful
combination in a similar colour like CP Victoria has chosen:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **

The Queen looked fabulous!
She looks fantastic! This outfit is magnificent, regal, lovely and stunning. I think this is one of her best looks. I love the hat and the jewelry!
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I really coulnd't have imagined a more perfect look. Queen Silvia looks a dream! The hat is very flattering, as is the lace top. I love the way her color is coordinated with her daughters' and her hat is a a little feathery and cloche like Madde. Gorgeous pears top the look.
Queen Silvia has such a beautiful figure. I love the skirt and shoes. I wish I could like this outfit but I find the lace daisy top unbecoming. The hat is pretty but it makes her hair look awkward. Blush beige is not a good color for her and the pearl jewelry competes with the lace top and fussy hat. Silvia rarely gets it wrong but this time I think she did.
Lace is so stylish these days and I see it on younger royals all the time(the Duchess of Cambridge as an example). I'm pleased to see Queen Silvia pull off this look just as well. The jewelry is lovely. The first thing that caught my attention though is the magnificent hat.
So elegant and regal looking at her grand-daughters christening. Really liked the way the family choose pretty pastels pink colours. The hat was stunning. One of the best outfits the Queen has worn recently
The new grandmother looked so very lovely at the christening of Sweden's new little princess! From head to toe, Queen Silvia looked so regal, so very elegant.

Queen Silvia arriving in Seoul, South Korea on May 29, 2012, looking lovely in a soft colour:

** Full view ** Upper part **

And later a bit more glamorous at a visit at the National Museum, wearing a nice female suit:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Lovely outfits especially the second from the visit of the National Museum :) Is this is just a start:), for another days we could expect more and more beautiful and elegant outfits from one of the most elegant Queens:flowers:
pic1 2
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The outfits are both nice. The second one is very old Hollywood glam. Great hairdo too.

Queen Silvia arriving in Seoul, South Korea on May 29, 2012, looking lovely in a soft colour: ** Full view ** Upper part **

And later a bit more glamorous at a visit at the National Museum, wearing a nice female suit: ** Full view ** Upper part **

The first outfit is very nice; the close up in particular shows how lovely the coat is.
The second outfit is absolutely stunning; I love the cut, style and colour of the suit, and especially the gorgeous brooch.
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I love everything about that second outfit, especially the glamorous sweetheart neckline. Her hair looked sensational and her brooch is just out of this world!
The coat is very beautiful. Color is nice on her. The second outfit is great on her! I love the color and the style.
This outfit is absolutely exquisite, especially the shade. I do love the brooch she has chosen.
The queen looks beautiful during the last two days!

Yesterday she wear the same as August 2009 in Turku and today the coat wore she 24th March 2010 in Swedish Embassy in Brasil! But which dress do she wear today?
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Queen Silvia looks so beautiful :flowers:.This state visit is all about white/light colors :)
All outfit looks wonderful and jewelry too. It's great to see how Queen Silvia always manage to wear one dress in different unique versions :rose2:
The dress is lovely. The makeup is awful. The neck clashed with the face.
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