Queen Rania's Daytime Fashion Part 5: May 2009 - September 2009

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This outfit is one of the niciest in Queen Rania's wardrope.
I like the the fabric belt, it's so original!
Rania looks gorgeous in that outfit,the top is simply fantastic,the color is great on her.
I dont like the outfit very much.
The colour of the top is great, but I dont like the form. The shoes are new, I like them.
The top is nice but I prefer Asma´s outfit. Asturiana I´m not sure until we can see better pics but these shoes perhaps are the same that she wore in Portugal.
Can you post a picture? I cant remember, which outfit you mean.
BTW, Asma looks elegant as always.
you mean this shoes Salma?
i don't think it's the same shoes,it look similar but not the same.
Asma looks great as well,love her top with the black pants.
i think the heels are too high for me , the top is nice but did not like the make up
Asma looked simple and relaxed with her outfit , the color of the top suits her
I really cant say if its the same shoes :unsure:.
Me too therefore I said that until we will see a better pic I can´t say if are the same shoes or not.
Rania looked lovely during the Syria visit, the draped purple top was gorgeous. She looked smart yet casual.

The top was nice but nothing special, the overall of the skirt and top was okay. The shoes did not match the outfit in anyway, black shoes wouldve been perfect.
The bag is quite out of place, at least have the bag match the shoes and that would be the least mistake.
The hiar looked nice but with too much going on with the top I think if it was pulled back it wouldnt of looked like too much was going on or a simple bun.

Personally, I thought Rania wouldve made an effort to look really nice today since her host is a great dresser who actually I prefered her style.
the white top is nice and suit Rania figure perfectly,i think her always opened hair become a little bit boring IMO.
Thanks for the photo. I do like the cut of this jacket and am glad to see it repeated again. It's a shame there are no full-length photos yet.
I hope we can see the skirt.
I hope to see a picture of the whole outfit. The jacket is nice.
And I agree, her hairstyle is a little bit boring, always the same. Would love to see a new haircut, something different.
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