Queen Margrethe II's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2009 - May 2012

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yes the jewels match the dress but that is the only possitive thing to say about that dress.
I'm surprised to see so many people dislike this dress! I've always thought it was one of her better ones.
Don't really care for this outfit. I like her hat though.
I actually like the outfit! It's formal, yet the polka dot blouse adds individuality, plus it's a "happy" pattern while not being flashy!

I've never been a fan of this [DNF] Fotoarchief Denieuwsfoto fur coat, though - don't care for the color!
I like the red gown and the jewels a lot, but not this particular up-do.
I think that in this case we can agree she looks fantastic!
A beautiful lady shining on her birthday. The emeralds rock!
So, we had an 'Emerald Queen' tonight. :) She looked gorgeous and VERY regal indeed.
Very regal! She looks so happy!
Although I'm not keen on the colour, her majesty still looks lovely and regal.
The Queen looks good in this color, which is a very hard color to pull off for most people. The emeralds are just outstanding and she wears them so well. And the fur, well, I LOVE IT! (Sorry PETA).

The dress style is really pretty and does work well on the Queen but the fabric is a bit too shiny for me which makes the green look off in some pictures.
I quite like the fur against the dress.
Regal look, I like it. Fresh color going well with the emerald jewelery. The fur is good addition.
Adore Margrethe's dress, i'm glad it was nothing wacky. Maybe she's saving that for tonight. :)
She looks wonderful. I normally don't like the material to be all shiney however somehow she pulls this off. Perhaps the type of material they used makes it seem softer and not so glaring.
I agree, this lime green is a difficult colour for someone to pull off, but QM looks wonderful!!!
Thanks lumutqueen, QM looks lovely.
QM is probably sad that her birthday has come and gone so soon, she certainly has had a wonderful week .
She looks lovely in this silver grey gown and I also hope she had a lovely b-day! Many very happy returns!!!! :flowers:
I liked all 3 of Margrethe's dresses for her birthday - which is saying something, because when Margrethe gets it wrong, she gets it very wrong. ;) The green was far and away my favorite. Very eye-catching, very regal, and definitely made her stand out (in a good way).
For being the "guest of honour" there aren't many photos of her. :ermm:
Is this silver dress a recyled one? It seems like I've seen it before.
The Queen is very tall and I think that works in her favour when wearing these formal dresses.
My favorite dress of hers by far is the green one. It really made her stand out. The fur stole was divine with it. Q. Margrethe exudes so much self confidence the way she carries herself and everything. And why shouldn't she be, afterall she's the QUEEN! :D
Without the big bow this could be rather pretty but with the bow it's too much.
This is what I thought too, but at least it looks very impressive and unique! Turquoise and white is a great combination IMO.
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