Queen Margrethe II's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2009 - May 2012

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I've read, some time ago, that she herself uses to designe her dresses.
I like the dress from the gala. It looked really nice on her. I do think that her taste in clothes can be somewhat strange or outdated. The dress from the second night of the birthday celebrations was very 1980s. I also would like to see her doing something else with her hair. A shorter cut would be nice.
i think the queen need mary styish lady! defentely she needs todie her hair!!! and mor modern clothing!
At the gala for Henrik's 75th

I really quite like this for Margrethe, certainly a million times better than the night before!

Itis definetly an improvement on the concert outfit.
I don't like the big sash around the middle, without the bit at the right side of her dress.
The patterns nice. :flowers:
I think she used to design some of her clothes, and I think she recycles alot of them too (a la Princess Anne of UK - even if they're terribly outdated!)

I know it is a bit of topic, but I always wondered about her majesties brooch.
The grooch looks good, and her dress is good as well.
In the fourth pic she's posing like a model:lol: which is nice to see :)
Very good choise of Her Majesty, i like the outfit. Is it true like some people has said above that she designs and recycles her clothes? Because if it's true then good for her!
She does wear some very bright clothing but I think they suit her vibrant personality.
Some of the items are a bit dated and not as fashionable as her daughters in law but I just can't imagine her wearing dull pastel colours in safe styles even if she is a bit older.
Her style may not be fashionable but it is easily recognisable as Margrethe.
Her majesty can pretty much get away with anything. She likes big and dramatic and she's the only one who can pull if off.
Queen Margethe has such individual style. She is not afraid of bright colours and as she has aged she has resisted the tendencey of some of her peers to fade into the wall paper! In all areas of her life she radiates a vibrant elegance, and a very regal elan. :whistling:

I partularly like the fact that she draws a very descernable difference between her "Evening Dresses" and her "Gala Gowns". When she is "On Parade" so to speak, she get's out the heavy artillery from her jewellry box and don's an appropriately grand gown. They are breathtaking in their style, colour and grandeur. Some of them would give the young Queen Victoria or even a young Queen Elizabeth II a run for their money. :rose2:

In the parlance of today . . . . she rocks! :cool:
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