Queen Margrethe's Fashion and Style Part 5: August 2023 -

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Queen Margrethe in one of her favourite outfits handing out the Queen Ingrid's Research Award at Christian IX's Palace today, October 11:

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A nice, elegant autumn look for Queen Margrethe a the first rehearsal day for the ballet The Snow Queen in Copenhagen today, November 1:

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Queen Margrethe on day 1 of the state visit from Spain today, November 6:

And at the state dinner in the evening:

Very regal appearance by the Danish Monarch
Daisy wearing the Muppet wrap as opposed to the Yeti pelt yesterday.
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...I get it. She was trying for a "Spanish" look. Right?
How long has she had this Teletubby outfit?
With that hat, she could start an all-female version of Devo! (I actually like it -- fun hat and coat.)

She looks good these days. She seems to have bounced back completely from her surgery (except for the cane).
Queen Margrethe attended the annual concert of the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music yesterday, November 17:

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A nice look for Queen Margrethe who visited the Information Center for the Monument for Denmark's International Effort after 1948 at the Kastellet in Copenhagen today, November 24:

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Queen Margrethe looking with a nice blouse and skirt combination at the re-première of "The Snow Queen" at the Tivoli yesterday, November 30:

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:previous: Daisy looks absolutely stunning. Her LBD is very elegant and could be worn by a woman of virtually any age, of course you would need the necessary confidence to carry it off with such panache. The boat neck style suits her well and the sleeves are wonderfully quirky as indeed, is her matching jewellery.
A wonderful colour for Queen Margrethe today, December 15, when receiving the new ambassadors:

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Wow, that’s neither the Yeti nor the Muppet over the gown. The times they are a-changin’?
The Queen looks very regal. That coral is so cheerful.
Her coat looks warm and comfy.
That coat looks like a striped blanket from summer camp. :ohmy:
She wore the same gown at her Golden Jubilee concert and Prince Christian's 18th birthday gala
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