Queen Margrethe II's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2009 - May 2012

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Her Majesty looked lovely. I like the way she wears fur stoles.
I agree al bina. A lot of times it looks like people are drowning in their furs but she carries them off so elegantly. And I am LOVING the hot pink. Another good show from QMII.
I love her gown! the color and style. she pulls the color of very well
I agree - the fuschia is wonderful. Not everyone could get away with it, but she looks great.
Fuschia is definitely her color! Gorgeous!
I can only agree with all the previous posters - the Queen can pull off such strong colours very well and also such enormous fur stoles. She looks glorious, every inch a Queen. :flowers:
What a beautiful pink gown on Queen Margrethe. The detail in the bottom front is nice.
She looks terrific! And what a great idea to convert the overcoat into a dress. Now that's recycling!
I love the sense of drama Margrethe has for these occasions - she looks just perfect.
Why should Her Majesty change this dress? I suppose it is a sort of tradition now to wear this particular ensemble for this reception. Personally I like it very much. Additionally it is a shrewd move on her part to do so under the current economic circumstances.
I love it and have no problem with her wearing it every year. If the men can wear the same uniforms everywhere then hey, why not the Queen. Plus, I generally prefer the younger royals to give us many beautiful gowns. But thanks for the photos, she has such a flare to her style.
She does have a real presence about her doesn't she? Beautiful gowns for the queen.
Royalnews.de has a report that at the newyearsreception at the Royal Court in Denmark Queen Margrethe wears the same dress since 12 years:

Google Nachricht
I'm glad she recycles... a lot! :lol:
I think these deep "jewel-like" colours such as the fuschia and sapphire blue are perfect for any royal and show off the royal jewellery perfectly.
did she not have a other dress much like this one before and used that for several years
Well recycling is in these days... Maybe she has decided she'd leave the new dresses for Mary. Anyhow, it's a great dress so why not make use of it?
I adore this colour of blue and the turqoise jewelry matches it perfectly.
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