Queen Margrethe II's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2009 - May 2012

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:previous:Queen Margrethe like most artists has a very keen sense for the unique and she transfers that in her outfits.
There is always a bit of the dramatic, outlandish and peculiar but she always pulls it off. :flowers:
I have always liked the bright colours, they make our life brighter and more cheerful.:flowers:
I think Queen Margrethe have the similar views,the second dress is so gorgeous, Queen is very beautiful in it.:previous:
The third dress is neat, this kind of style is in vogue, Queen's waist is so tiny!!:)

An elegant Queen Margrethe :rose::

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I just love the colours she wears . . . . . the colourful umberella and especially her fabulous yellow raincoat. Anyone can have a raincoat but I have never seen one like her's, not in any of the the shops or magazines. Teriffic :flowers:
:previous: She does look like she is having a ball, but do I spy gumboots, albeit very trendy ones? ;)
:previous: Well, she's not exactly a young girl. I think it looks ok. I don't like the hat though.
Well no one can accuse her of being a "clothes horse"- I'm personally tired of this pink suit, she wore it to the IOC Luncheon just a few weeks ago, and on many other occasions. However, I do like the poka-dot blouse and hat with the latest outing.
The parliment opening hat is the WORST I have seen on all the posts on Q Margrethe II. It is just awful IMHO!
does she has an stylist person like Mary?

:previous: I'd love to meet the "Stylist" that would have the requisite intestinal fortitude to tell the Queen that any of her clothes were unbecoming. :doh:

As for the sheer nerve required to try to "tell" Queen Margethe what she beliveves she actually should be wearing? :pigsfly:

Queen Magrethe is a force of nature, and, as any environmentalist will tell you . . . . . messing with nature can be very hazardous to ones health. :hiding:

Have things come to such a pass that we expect every member of any Royal Family to be impeccably dressed for every occassion? Bland, and all things to all people? Are they now reduced to employing the obligatory hollywood stylist to turn them out as "Stars a la the red carpet dressed in "borrowed" gowns and bling just to ring the changes (oh I'm so bored with the emeralds . . . . . lets try cut glass fake tiara)? I don't think so! Good grief, whatever would we have to talk about on these threads? :yuk::bang:
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You are too funny Marg.....I guess when you become Queen in the 1970's style is relative, right? "New" royals do have the expectation of perfect fashion, jewelry, marriages, etc. The contrast is clear, thinking Q Margrethe II/CPMary, Q Eliz II/PDiana, Q Beatrix/CP Maxima, just to name a few.....

BTW I still think Q Margrethe II needs help in the fashion dept! : )
:previous: Keep watching . . . . . one day she'll knock your socks off with her breathtaking gown and jewels and the next leave you gasping at the sheer audacity of the outfit . . . think bright yellow raincoat. Everyone else is wearing dull practical dark coloured raincoats and black brollies and she's wearing yellow! :flowers: ;)

When she is good she is very, very good, great, fabulous and fantastic and when she's not she's fun, or in the modern venacular, messing with our heads and loving it! :lol: :ROFLMAO: :whistling:
When she is good she is very, very good, great, fabulous and fantastic and when she's not she's fun, or in the modern venacular, messing with our heads and loving it! :lol: :ROFLMAO: :whistling:

Well said - when she's wearing something questionable, I don't think she's doing it because she thinks it's wonderfully fashionable, I think she's doing it to have fun and is enjoying the raised eyebrows. She has enough self-confidence to laugh at herself.
MARG, I couldn't agree more. :) For exactly these reasons - one day she can be breathtaking in an fabulous gown with all this great jewelry and the other day she has her funny "indiviual look" - I have ever loved Queen Margrethe. She has personality! Even in her dressing and she never is boring to watch! Oh, and I remember her in a red raincoat in the Seventies with the suitable hat, running with Frederik & Joachim on her hands through the garden. :D She needs no stylist. :royalrobes:
I can really see your points- and tend to agree. I swear Q Margrethe II wears the poppy pature just to keep us talking about it, almost with a wink & a smile. Her formal "state" dress is quite impressive.

CPrincess Maxima reminds me of that wimsy today. (Think spider brooches & risky fashion choices at times)
You're right - she has a style all of her own. He daywear is a bit hit and miss, it can be a bit 1982 for my liking. But in the evening -wow - this Queen knows how to make an impact. Her evening dresses are very dramatic, and colourful - if only she would have a word with QEII.

What strikes me in so many of these pictures - fashion aside - is how much Margrethe smiles - she is the smiliest Queen around I think. Again, can't she have a word with our Queen please...
what surprise me is that sometimes like the night gowns she has beautiful gowns and jewellery, day time is not my cup of tea, but when Mary came to the picture she hada lot of people around to take care of herstyly, he hair,her skin, make up, teeth, smile, dresses, etc...etc..... but it is not the samw with QM she has her hair wite, her teet, better not to talk about it....... why she is not getting a little of Mary treatment? it will not hurt to colour her hair and to bleech her teeth! I think Queen Silvia goes to the other extreme, but I prefer her QS in this case!

Why should Queen Margrethe colour her hair or bleach her teeth? :confused: She turns 70 next year, so grey or white hair is just natural. As for her teeth - well, it may not look beautiful, but its the teeth of an older woman who smoked a lot. She's not a movie star, she's a Queen. :flowers:
I agree, Dierna. It's refreshingly natural.
Hmmmm, I think sometimes natural can look like apathy or just plain lazy defiance. (I do not mean to imply she is a lazy PERSON, but it is apparent alot of time is NOT invested in fashion, hence all the repeated outfits, hats, accessories, etc.)

Everyone can use slight improvement, and Queens are no execption. I'd like to see a slight improvement for Q Margrethe II's appearance, but a Monarch who is 70 yrs old is set in her ways, so that's probably an unrealistic expectation of me.

I guess that's the beauty of watching the new C Princesses come on to the scene....

What I ment with not a movie star is that a Queen isn't a model, she isn't born to have to be beautiful or a fashion icon, but JMO of course. :flowers:
Courtesy of PPE.:flowers:

Queen Margrethe visiting Promex - Anne Black Joint venture (3/11/2009).:)

Queen wore the pattern of the flowers and a red hat.


Love the hat, but i don't like the dress. :)

Margrethes Arrival outfit.
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[DNF] Fotoarchief Denieuwsfoto Vietnam

Evening 2-11-09.
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