Queen Margrethe II's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2009 - May 2012

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The luncheon outfit was just ghastly, but the dress for the dinner is pretty nice, I also recognized it very quickly, it suits the Queen very well.
Beautiful lace overtop and I like the navy/white combination. A wonderful style on her.
The outfit from the luncheon is a huge "no" for me, but the gown from the evening dinner was an absolute winner! I have always loved this dress on HM - very beautiful and regal.
I think the dress would look great without the lace overtop. The blue dress looks beautiful as itself!
Just curious how the dress will look like without the lace over it. Seems like it's a dress with a blue long sleeve, the other side is a nude colour sleeveless or long sleeve too?
The suit is nice however the hat is horrible!
While the suit is a nice style, the color is drab and the hat is just awful. But I like how Henrik is intently reading the program with the lovely picture of the young Elizabeth on the back.
The purple is nice, the hat is not so great but Margrethe gets away with it!

Is Henrik in the same attire that he wore to the luncheon?

Queen Margrethe at the christening of her granddaughter Princess Athena today, May 20, wearing a lovely dress
with a flower print - looks good on her!

** Full view ** Upper part **
I think the print is too much for me.
I agree; it looks too much like a lightweight curtain to me.
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The hat from the parade at Windsor Castle is...interesting, but I love the dress for Athena's christening.
She definitely has the height, carriage and presence to carry off a ballgown, furs and loads of luscious emeralds adorning her everywhere.
Margrethe's dress at the christening of her new little granddaughter was different and therefore very Margrethe. It had a nice springy feel to it, but the band on the front of the bodice and the print, or the amount of print, was...interesting. But she gets away with her unique style, I think. And seems to always look regal in spite of her attire.
QM's dress at the christening was a lovely summery dress. Im usually not fond of her outfit but that was a nice one. The colors worked well with the print.

Queen Margrethe at the christening of Princess Estelle in Stockholm today, May 22, wearing a recycled combination in white and blue. She has worn the upper part at Prince Nikolaos' weddig for example:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Greek wedding **
A nice, summery outfit, but it just doesn't work for me.
They both look very well. I like the outfit, she looks great in a hat.
May 24, 2012 - Queen M in a lovely outfit, this is one of her better outfits. I do like the color, the pink stands out. Not sure about the pink shoes though.

She looks very lovely! I love the pale pink with the hot pink jacket. The pearls looks great with it too. Don't like the shoes however.
I prefer the top from the christening of Estelle with the skirt from the Greek wedding.

I like the pink outfit, but am not keen on the shoes. Yet, once again, being Margrethe she gets away with it – for me, anyway! :lol:
Very nice look.
I love the skirt part; it's very floaty and summery. The combination of bright and pale pink is definitely working, and I don't even mind the shoes.
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