Queen Margrethe II's Fashion and Style Part 1: April 2009 - May 2012

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Yeap, the bow is out of place for me as well. Simply too big. But apart from that it's a very nice gown, lovely material, lovely colors and if flatters her figure, IMO.
Of course the turquoise jewelry is a wonderful addition.
I too liked it. I think only Queen Margrethe can pull off such colors and gowns so well.
27-06-2010 Faroe Queen Margrethe on a five day visit to the Faroe Islands


I suppose that this is the typical dress of the islands, but she looks good, she wears it well. She doesn't look like she is wearing a costume.
It's traditional wear, she does look good in it.
You can't knock traditional wear I suppose.
The traditional clothes maybe not, but how you wear them yes. Not everyone looks good on national costumes.
She looks nice in this costume. The cape is lovely.
Quite a subdued outfit. Love the little cap. You have to love this lady. She wears what she likes and has fun with it. Just says to me that she's comfortable with who she is and how she looks. Which, BTW, is wonderful for a woman her age.

It was.

The Queen looks great in the national costume.
30-06-2010 Klaksvig Queen Margrethe visiting Klaksvig city, during her visit to the Faroe Islands.

I like the suit, but she should discard that hat imo
Yeah the hat doesn't look good.
I like the light blue top with this grey outfit - it softens the look.
01-07-2010 Faroe Queen Margrethe in a news conference, before the departure from the Faroe Islands

Pic Pic Pic

This one looks really interesting, but I can't find a picture of the whole outfit.
23-07-2010 Graasten Queen Margrethe and Queen Anne-Marie listened to the Life Guards concert, at Graasten Palace.

It's a very colourful summer dress and suits Margrethe.
I can't help but laughing: the pattern of the dress, the bow belt, the white sandals...:lol: But she's so confident and doesn't seem to give a flying fig about all these! Go, Margrethe!:D
I guess if you are Queen, you really dont care, do you?

Well, I know certain Queens that get really stressed about things like that (see Rania ;)) and spend thousands of $$$ on an outfit. Wish they were all like QM, for the tax-payers' sake!:D
I liked her outfit at Nikolaos' wedding except the tag sticking out! :rolleyes:
I also think this is one of her better outfits, and a nice color for her! As for the tag, it looks like some sort of security tag, probably for admission to the grounds/church etc. Most of the other ladies aren't carrying them because they have purses or their husbands pocketed them?
I also like what Queen M is wearing, she looks really nice. She certainly has her own style, which I think is great.
Queen Margrethe looked chic! That's another color that becomes her well, I really liked this look.
I like this outfit except the hanging ends of the bolero. Very in her style and it makes this gown interesting.
She looked nice for a change. Not the usual clown colors.
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