Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 5: September 2014 - November 2014

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I like the dress and hat - she can carry them off. Sadly, the shoes make her feet look like pig's trotters.

I try to see how pig's trotters are visible in the picture: http://www.ppe-agency.com/500px/Oct2014/PPE14100153.jpg

I only see a vibrant, colourful Queen with great legs, I even like the shoes (better here than at Prinsjesdag).

There is nothing good about this outfit and hat.........the colors are horrible on her, that hat if that is what it is, is hideous on her. This entire outfit is a big miss.......what was going through her mind I wonder.

I read your harsh comment and then I looked this picture to see what was "nothing good about this", "horrible", "hideous", "a big miss".: http://www2.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Queen+Maxima+Netherlands+Opens+Micropia+Museum+-ifVkglyBNux.jpg

I only saw a joyful Queen splashing from the screen with her immense charisma and 10.000 megawatt smile. She also understands she has to stand out by wearing hats and outspoken outfits and colours. It may not be a combination for High Street, to buy at H&M, Primark or Zara, but she did a wonderful job as Queen. She dressed as one would expect a Queen to dress. Not middle of the road. She was nowhere "horrible" or "hideous". Of course taste is in the eye of the beholder.

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Well, I don't like the yellow-beige combination either, but the main problem with the outfit is that it is too stiff and too shiny for a day event. It also made her look like a giant, which for Dutch standards she is not.
As it is Natan it could have been a lot worse. His designs from around 2008-2010 were the lowest point IMHO. The balloon skirts (still have nightmares of those), heavy and/or shiny fabrics, bad tailoring and never flattering on anybody (see yesterday mornings pair of trousers) etc.

Lately many of his designs are not all that bad or even pretty (for example: the simple blue dress for the Spanish introduction visit). And since she became queen, Máxima thankfully wears more and more real jewels and less plastic/stones of Marie-Charlotte Vermeulen (niece of Mr. Natan). And indeed, she wears more hats which is good as her hair has been dead since 2006.

Although Vermeulen is past the worst period, I would still like to see HM dress more often in Dutch designs. However, the Benelux royalty seems hooked on Vermeulen ever since Olivier Strelli suggested to Paola that Vermeulen should create Mathilde's wedding dress. According to Els Smit his popularity may be due to the fact that he offers a total package: outfit, hat (with Delvigne), purse, fake jewels etc. which saves a lot of time. And he seems to be a pleasant man.

muriel said:
not sure maxima and subtle go in the same sentence

:D indeed, the style is loud, colorfull and 'go big or go home'. As she is called MÁXima, we can easily forgive her I hope.
Nobody would dress the way she does, but as DeP pointed out, it does serve a purpose: she is unmistakenbly 'the queen'. Beatrix also used her outfits -and helmet- as a uniform.
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Duc et Pair - view the red shoes from the front and they look quite different from the picture you posted. And I like the rest of the outfit. As I believe I said.
Like the outfit from head to toe! Maxima looks fantastic, I want her earrings :)

Queen Máxima at the employment organization Breed in Nijmegen today, October 7, wearing a recycled animal-print outfit by Natan. Although I don't like these kind of prints in general, I think it suits her:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 ** March 2008 **
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It is a low key visit (no protocol, no fuss) to people with (physical, psychical or intellectual) disabilities working to earn their own income. Underastandably it is all low key, to see how it works in the company and not only get contact with the high and the mighty.

I love Maxima's style but I'm not sure about this outfit. Perhaps it's just me... but I think it is very hard to pull off leopard-print outfits without looking "vulgar"

Queen Máxima at the employment organization Breed in Nijmegen today, October 7, wearing a recycled animal-print outfit by Natan. Although I don't like these kind of prints in general, I think it suits her:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Upper part 2 ** March 2008 **

In the third photo, the material looks as if it could be linen or something similar. I quite like it actually. Gone are the days when leopard print could only be found on busty barmaids serving at the Rover's Return!
there is alot of details on the outfit especially the jacket what make it hard to like;i don't like the prints either.
Some talking head for fashion (I cannot remember who) said one piece of animal print at a time. Meaning, a little goes a long way and less is more.

I agree with that. Animal print shoes look great with a LBD. An animal print dress looks better than an animal print top and skirt (much less a highly pieced skirt).

This however if fitted with enough ease that I find the fit is perfect - so YAY for that!

And I'm liking how she handled the accessories.
She smiles to light up the crowd!
Really too busy and fussy, find it extremely ugly ensemble that is definitely wearing her, not the other way around
It's a No from me. Really dislike that print and the dress/jacket combo. In any case, it's a big improvement in the shoes department, those boots back in 2008 were a terrible choice, today's shoes were much much much better.
Oh dear too much animal IMO would have looked great with one pattern she can caqrry off animal print but care is necessary even for Maxima.
The suit itself is very nice, very flattering and elegant but the print makes it hard to like. The print is way too much.
Thats a really nice eye catching dress but the shoes ruin it for me, they are a bit harsh for the dress. It wouldve been nice if she wore nude pumps.
I like the dress and the hat! But I don't like the shoes,handbag, and hair! Overall she looks nice!
All I can say is I hope she put the wrong shoes on by mistake and didn't notice until it was too late to change them. Shoes can bring down the best outfits.
Not bad I think she could have managed without the hat and the whole look would have been a look better IMO
Only thing I'm not digging here is the shoes. I liked the shoes she wore with this outfit back in Oct/ Nov 13 much better.
Queen Máxima however dressed like a Queen, the guests were received with honours, etc. The Dutch followed the protocol and was dressed according the etiquette: formal ladies' day wear. Doña Letizia "forgot" who she is and who she was actually visiting.
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