Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 14: July 2018 - February 2019

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 14 of the thread for Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion!

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** Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 13: January 2018 - July 2018 **

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:flowers: Happy Posting! :flowers:
Its a really nice outfit just wish Queen Máxima would look at her hair before going out.
But is Meghan the *ONLY* royal woman to wear *foreign brands*? I wonder if the very fabric that the clothes of HM is made of comes from Britain or elsewhere? This is not to criticize HM yet from what I have seen most fabric comes from the Orient......I keep searching on the internet for fabric made in the US....:bang:

Of course not, queen Máxima mostly wears (or at least wore) a Belgian brand: Natan (as does Mathilde but she is the queen of that country). She has been incorporating Dutch brands for quite some time as well and nowadays will wear Jan Taminiau for the big events (inauguration, normally at least one of the evening dresses at a state visit, Prinsjesdag most of the times, etc) and some others - she probably also is the European royal that wears most Argentinian designers :flowers:. However, the majority of what she wears isn't Dutch - and hardly anyone is complaining.
Erdem, Graciela Naum, Edouard Vermeulen, Tom Ford, Benito Fernández, Valentino, Azzedine Alaïa, Chanel, Claes Iversen, Prada, Pucci, pffff.... which brand Máxima has not worn? And that is absolutely okay. She is free to wear what she likes.
So many times Queen Maxima dresses like a circus clown, this is one of them....:lol:
Sweet Jesus where does one start,Queen Máxima is fast becoming the worst dressed queen consort in my book.

The hair,the creased looking outfit the 'accessories' are all among her very worst :whistling:
When I saw that my first thought was .....Good gravy, they let her out of the palace dressed like that, heck she did not even use a hair brush today, rolled out of bed and off she went dressing as she went out the door. A real shame for this has been going on now for many years and nobody is helping her with whatever, sad in my eyes.
If I were being generous, I'd guess she was going floaty-light-summery with a bit of edge with the trousers. Paired with a blouse that is floaty - but in a style that we have been seeing for years and years and years and never looks new to me. I don't like the two pieces together - but that's just my personal taste.

But let's just roll with idea that she was headed to light and summery land. I can buy into that concept.

Then why in the world would she want to add a large, clunky, heavy looking neck THING that competed with the floaty texture of the clothing? The necklace just kills the rest of the outfit.

If you are not spot on (and Max can be spot on and it can be very good) more is just a really bad more. IMO.

And the hair, :eek:
What is that gigantic blue rock on her right hand?
I give anyone credit for trying something new or supporting a designer. Not all are wonderful.

As for the outfit, it just doesn’t work for some reason. Maybe because the blouse is tucked in or the necklace and ring is too much.
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Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 14: July 2018 -

(..) Yikes! This was just dreadful all around. Too big, baggy, tucked in blouse didn’t help. The jewelry was way too much as well.
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Seems that I'm the odd one out but I actually quite like Maxima's look today. The colours are lovely together - very fresh and summery. I don't normally like such trousers but they seem to add to the whole vibe of the outfit. It could have been a lot worse!
Seems that I'm the odd one out but I actually quite like Maxima's look today. The colours are lovely together - very fresh and summery. I don't normally like such trousers but they seem to add to the whole vibe of the outfit. It could have been a lot worse!

And probably will be, soon enough :lol:

I like a lot of what Maxima wears, although her fondness for Natan is always something that makes me scratch my head, but recently she is making some extremely odd choices. I don't understand what she's going for, other than eccentricity. On this one, I like the colors, but aside from that I am totally confused.

Oh, Max.
Oh, no, easy to guess who made those supremely unflattering culottes with the pleated waist and wide legs, what a horror. But, her hair is worse, what happened
I presume the children have been to school as Máxima is giving off a suburban mum vibe today.
I really like this dress on her, so normal and comfortable looking, and her hair is finally washed.....:lol: Just a nice overall look for a day with the children or shopping or whatever...
Maxima looks great - perfect for a casual summer photoshoot. Not normally what she typically wears but she looks wonderful nevertheless.
I love the outfit. She looks beautiful. Great summer look!
I love the dress, from who is? She looks very nice! perfect summer relax look
I Dislike denim dresses in general.
A beautiful dress! Well done! Perfect for the occasion!
BYe Bine
It's by Co, see here. :flowers:

Thank you! wow even a Demin dress it is so expensive , I thought this one would be a peoples price ! how stupid of me , of course she is a queen she has to have a very expensive one
nice dress she looks great and her hair isn't messy this time wich is good
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