Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 4: April 2015 - July 2015

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Love the white outfit minus the shoes. Her hair is terrific, and earrlings too.
I love the versatily of the white peplum top. It looked casual-chic with the capri pants in Honduras, and looks formally elegant for today's ceremony. Love her curled bob, that's the best version of the cut, and the shoes are ok to me.

Agree that some more jewellery wouldbe welcomed since the outfit is so clean and simple, but other than that she looks fantastic.

I don't like the second outfit that much. I really like the black and white skirt, but the shirt looks to informal because of the pockets and the rolled up sleeves (and believe me, I'm aware there are not many options these days with the heat wave, but she could have chosen a more formal shirt, I'm sure she has some).

Now I'm thinking I would like to see the peplum top paired with the black and white skirt some day. I hope she will try it.

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