Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion and Style Part 4: April 2012 - July 2012

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Queen Elizabeth wore a beautiful pink coat and dress with matching hat in Liverpool today.
- Full view 1 - Full view 2
- Close up 1 - Close up 2
- The hat

Her Majesty looks fabulous. I absolutely love every single element of the ensemble.
The coat is beautiful and the hat - just gorgeous, especially the rose detailing. Even the buttons of the coat look coordinated with the brooch.
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Great colour on HM; the hat's a real winner too.
I definitely agree with you on this one. What really drew my eye was how nicely the ribbons on the hat complimented the brooch she was wearing.

I think HM has another ribbon hat, some shade of a deepish red.
HM looks absolutely wonderful in that outfit, such a "fresh colour" fits her just great.
HM whole look was just flawless in Liverpool today. Love the clean lines of the coat and the color is wonderful. Her hat is just perfect to complete her ensemble.. Very flattering from head to toe! Thank you for the pics, Artemisia. :flowers:
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Great color! She looks great!
How stunning is that outfit! The color is just gorgeous on her and the hat is really perfection; so very tea party.
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The pink ensemble is spectacular on Her Majesty. I simply adore the hat.
Echoing other comments - HM looked "fabulous, flawless, , wonderful, great, stunning."
Understated, elegant and regal. I love the color of the dress and the brooch she chose to go with it.
Not really a fan of this. The only thing I love about this is the stunning brooch!
I think the ice blue washes HM out, especially with her hair, so while she looks lovely and elegant, I have to pass on this look. I really wish she wore one of her jewel tones that just complement her skin and hair so much. But her brooch, as always, is just lovely.
This isn't one of my favorites on HM but only because of the color. I love the detailing on the suit and it would have been outstanding if it were in a little brighter color. I did notice that she was wearing a new style of shoes which I liked very much! :)
Not one of my favorites. I agree with BaronessOB, the color washes Her Majesty out.
I think she saves the really bold jewel tones for when she's among the crowds on public engagements. Something like this, which is just a small gathering by royal proportions, she maybe feels she doesn't need to wear a bold colour. She commands the room whatever she's wearing.
Very elegant and regal and lovely, but the color seems to wash HM out.
Love the entire ensemble (brooch included). The different shades of blue are lovely on Her Majesty, and we know that she wears that color so very well.
I like the slight change whereby the coat doesn't actually meet, so we can see the more of the dress. HM just always looks great; Angela Kelly really earns her wage.
Beautiful detailing on the coat and hat and lovely color contrast. I love the fabric of that gorgeous coat as well and it looks like cake icing on the hat. And she's wearing the Paisley brooch, always a delight to see.
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She looks fantastic of course!
HM looks as lovely as always, in those bright colors with matching hat of course and lovely brooch naturally.
:: Flowers ::
Did the queen go to the gala hosted by Prince Charles?
Queen Elizabeth at Chelsea Flower Show today:
- Full outfit
- Close up

I like the coat and the dress but the hairnet... Please, please throw it away. :eek:
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Thanks for posting this, Artemisia. This is the second year that I've seen HM appear at the flower show wearing a decorative netting embellished with flowers rather than a hat. I have to say that I don't like the look - it looks a protective hairnet one would see in food services - although I do like the blue coat and the always gorgeous Jardine Star brooch. I would have loved to see her wear a pretty hat with floral decorations for the event instead.
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Here's the comparison - I like this year's hair accessories a bit better. Innovative but not worth copying/repeating ;)

** 2012 ** Flower show 2011 **
Thanks for posting last year's photo, Iceflower. My memory deserted me; it was a beribboned hairnet instead.:rolleyes: I disliked it last year and don't like the current one either. As you say, innovative, and definitely quirky but not my cuppa tea!
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