Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion and Style Part 4: April 2012 - July 2012

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Her Majesty looks divine in lavender. I love the whole ensemble, and the jewelry she chose.
Smashing! Once again, she gets it right.
Her Majesty looks elegant and regal (as always). I love the hat and the collar of the coat.
What the Green (pink and blue) Queen can teach Charles about recycling!
Prince Charles admitted this week that he has had his old bathroom curtains made into cushions — which scores him plenty of points with the make-do-and-mend brigade. It’s clear the Prince has inherited the recycling gene from his mother. For when it comes to fashion, Her Majesty really is the Green Queen. This week, she wore a plum-trimmed pink coat and dress made by Angela Kelly for a Jubilee walkabout in Windsor. Very pretty it is, too — and all the more so for having been seen at least five times since its debut, on Christmas Day at Sandringham, in 2006.
If it weren't for changing brooches, I could swear all the pictures (in the same outfits) were taken on the same day.
The lavender outfit is lovely and also a gorgeous color.
I love royal recycling. Terrific article. Any evidence of HM wearing clothes over more than a six year period.
I can confirm that story to be true. In my old position at work one of our clients was a high-end shirt maker who count many of the British royals as customers. One of their top executives confirmed to me that all the royal family, particularly Prince Charles, send their shirts back to be mended, rather than buy new ones.

Queen Elizabeth at the Diamond Jubilee Pageant in the private grounds of Windsor Castle on May 13, 2012,
wearing a festive dress and coat combination:

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **
Such an elegant outfit! She looks fantastic!
I realize the chances of this are close to nil but I think a smaller handbag would have looked better. But dress and coat were lovely.
Good to see the coral brooch. Can't remember the last time HM wore it. I also really like the texture of the fabric.
The coat and the blue dress are lovely.
The hat is... unusual. :ermm:
Interesting hat; the outfit is nice but the coat is almost exactly like the ones she's worn for the last few apprearances.
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I do love this shade of blue as well as the texture of the fabric used for the coat. Not certain if the hat "works' with this particular outfit though. HM still looks absolutely lovely though.
Love the coat, love the very clever hat of ribbons. I like texture. She is lovely.
I'm not crazy about HM's ribbon hat and the style/color of the coat leaves a flat impression with me, but she looks great as always. And her brooch is stunning.
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Love the coat, love the very clever hat of ribbons. I like texture. She is lovely.

I definitely agree with you on this one. What really drew my eye was how nicely the ribbons on the hat complimented the brooch she was wearing.
HM looks as majestic and wonderful as ever! I love the fact that this year she is wearing more diamond-like tones.
The hat is little unusual, but all outfits is great and Queen looks beautiful as always :flowers:
I dislike the hat but the outfit is lovely!
I think Her Majesty looks great, as usual. I like the light blue shade of the dress underneath the coat, and the light blue ribbon on the hat that matches it. Not too crazy about the hat itself, but she pulls it off very well.
The fabric and color of the coat are really very nice, and the dress compliments it very well. I love the brooch. As for the hat...I will just say it looks better from a distance...and up close I think of Mabel's wedding dress! ;)
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