Queen Elizabeth II's Fashion and Style Part 4: April 2012 - July 2012

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And HM does look very fresh and summery in her peach outfit; looks like a sorbet.
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Could her small hats from the 1950s be considered precursors of fascinators?

I think they could be classed as precursors. My mother has several and they are displayed under glass domes. I always laugh, but who knows what I'll have under glass domes when I'm 82! LOL
:lol: That's got to be the first time HM's been compared to a frozen dessert, Baroness! It works really well, though!
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:lol: That's got to be the first time HM's been compared to a frozen dessert, Baroness! It works really well, though.

Heh, heh, my fingers were typing too fast - I meant that HM's outfit looked like a sorbet, not her. Don't want to call her the Ice Queen!
She looks wonderful! Color is gorgeous!
I love Her Majesty in soft peach. She looks very lovely. The hat is delightful.
The Queen Looks So Lovely , The Suit Color So Nice & Suit her well , So Elegant Look .

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Yes she does look wonderful! I love the silver details.
With this outfit I wish her jacket had been the length of her dress.
HM is sparkling, literally. I like it when she chooses a neckline that lets us see her pearl necklace properly.
Simply lovely. I love the silver details. Her Majesty is literally shining.
Queen Elizabeth today at a reception to launch the Queen Victoria Journals Online project at Buckingham Palace.
- Full outfit
- Close up

Her Majesty looks lovely, but I must say the print of the dress is too busy for me.
I love the colors but the print is just too busy for my taste as well.
Yuck. The print dress looks like a housecoat. :lol:
I'm not liking this print. It's too busy and makes the dress look like something one would put on in the morning after getting out of bed.
Yes, that day dress definitely looks like a housecoat. But I love her glitter evening dress and her small silver bag; if she wore silver shoes this would have looked absolutely stunning.
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Seems I'm the only one who likes today's dress. HM so often wears blocks of colour with no discernable pattern, so I like seeing something a bit more interesting on HM.
I like today's dress. I especially like the hem treatment with the godets or whatever is making it flare a bit. The pattern and colors suit HM to a "T".

I am a bit concerned about the discoloration on her legs; often a sign of very poor circulation. Hope she isn't feeling any pain from it, as is often the case.
The print of todays outfit is too much for me.
So why does the Queen never sneeze in public? Mail has a light-heated look at Her Majesty's little secrets

There’s a common misconception that the Queen has tiny lead weights sewn into her hems. But Her Majesty doesn’t need this old-fashioned trick to preserve her modesty. All of her dresses and suits have underskirts made with a tighter circumference than normal, so there is no chance of them lifting above knee-height.
To stop her feeling uncomfortable or getting too warm when she is on official business, the Queen insists on loose clothing. All of her clothes are made of natural fibres: 100 per cent pure cotton or wool, no linen (it creases too easily) and certainly no polyester.
Angela Kelly, her personal assistant and curator of the royal wardrobe, ensures that a duplicate for every outfit is close to hand so that if something is spilled on her clothes or there is any other mishap, Her Majesty can discreetly change into a new set without anyone knowing.
Another secret contributor to the Queen’s flawless appearance is the gel that keeps her hair firmly in place (even in gale-force winds) and is known mischievously among royal staff as ‘liquid concrete’.
Though she carries her own handbag (which contains just a handkerchief, lipstick, a tiny mirror and a copy of the day’s programme), one of her ladies-in-waiting always has what is known as the ‘Brown Bag’. This holds all the essentials she might need in an emergency: spare pairs of tights, gloves, those sweeteners and a moist, lavender-scented cloth in case of extreme heat.
:previous: Very interesting, thank you for sharing. I would like to know what foods HM avoids in order to remain cool!


Here's the comparison - I like this year's hair accessories a bit better. Innovative but not worth copying/repeating ;)

** 2012 ** Flower show 2011 **
What is with the hairnets? :eek: :lol:

Thankfully HM was back to her normal regal, elegant self for the garden party and visit to the Royal Academy of Arts.

I personally do not like the print of the dress that she wore to the recent reception, but she still looked like HM! ;)
Thanks for posting, that was cute!!! Liquid cement!! :ROFLMAO:
I love it! It is just the little things that make HM so special. She still seems to be above and beyond what a "normal" person could ever achieve.. but then she has had decades of practice to achieve perfection. She is a wonder...

Thank you for another interesting read :flowers:. Her Majesty certainly pays great attention to details.

Thanks, Artemisia, we're really finding out all HM's well-kept secrets in honor of this Jubilee year!

I find it amusing, but very intriguing nonetheless. I wonder what we'll find out if Her Majesty will make it to the Platinum Jubilee in ten years (and heaven willing, she will).

:previous: Very interesting, thank you for sharing. I would like to know what foods HM avoids in order to remain cool!

I'm with you. I'd love to know what she eats in order to stay nice and cool in warm climate. I'm not a fan of heat, so it'll be interesting as well as informative.
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