Princesses of Luxembourg Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - May 2012

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And if CP Victoria has the same dress and looks fantastic in it, Maria Teresa does not need be wearing the same dress. I mean I know that there are dresses out there that women of all shapes would look good in, but Elie Saab's dresses are not those type of dresses. Next time she sees CP Victoria wearing it she just needs to walk in the other direction. In other words, this is not a good dress for MT. ;)

I have to agree. She really needs to stay away from dresses that are sleeveless and strapless and that involve wearing wraps to cover her arms and shoulders. When she wears these types of dresses they make her appear very large.
:nonono: I don't know why people have started to write that MT looks like a sausage in the outfits she chooses. It's a step above name calling and is the kind of remark that can trigger life threatening eating disorders.
I don't see anything wrong with the dress. It's a beautiful colour and she looks elegant.
I love the way her hair is done.
Not sure about the style of the red one. The blue one looks good. Great color!
I'm not sure about the red dress but the blue dress looks amazing on MT. The cut of the blue dress works better for her than the red.
Both colors look great on MT, but the red dress is unflattering. The style doesn't suit her and there is too much going on for my taste. It's a halter, it's sleeveless, it has a plunging neckline and a some sort of belt like thing....way too much. But a good color on her. I also don't like the pairing of emeralds with that shade of red. The dress is an orange red and the jewelry seems to clash with it.
Too much blush? Too much cleavage (the red dress)
Indeed the red one is totally unflattering, it has a strange shape and the wrap doesn't help at all.
Instead the blue dress is ok.
She has a massive bust size, from a friend of mine I know how hard it is to find flattering gowns then. The color of the red dress looks great, though. The blue dress looks lovely anyway.
I prefer the blue gown. It makes her look better, and more elegant. There's something wrong with the red one...
Halter tops are supposed to be best for womens with larger busts, and I think that's usually true, but something still seems very wrong with the neckline on the red dress, and I'm not quite sure what. Nice color and fabric, though. The blue one I don't like just because I never like one-shoulder gowns on anyone.

I love the First Lady of Portugal's two gowns.
The beige arrival outfit is okay, nothing special.
The red gown just doesn't seem right on MT.
The blue gown is gorgeous on her. The cut and colour are fantastic!
Agreed, 4Pam. I honestly don't think she's that big. I wouldn't call her fat or overweight, just plump or chunky. I see a ton of women in my everyday life who are much heavier than MT. I really doubt she's big enough for it to be a serious health concern.
I agree with you. she is not big. For me the red dress is unflattering for her type of body. The blue one looks much more better.
she is fat IMO but if that is ok with her and her hubby then she has to really do better and avoid outfits like the beige which did not suit her. She has the resourses and can it so no problems should arise... but they do and her wt is a constant topic imo she brings it on herself
MT seems like a wonderful lady, dutiful to her family and country. I wish people would stop commenting about her weight. I think that's her business and no one elses. Just my opinion.
Discussion about Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's weight has been deleted.
Please remember that this is a fashion topic thread & not a weight issue topic. Further weight issue or off topic posts will be deleted without notice.

Thank you
Both outfits are rather simple, but nice. I love the checkered black/white bag!
The Grand Duchess is classic and has impeccable taste and at least she has never ever bored us with a systematic look over the years.I love the colours in her wardrobe. Her aesthetic sensibility is lovely.
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