Princesses of Luxembourg Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - May 2012

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Again interesting.
I don't like the outfit, especially not the bow.
Lovely the outfit, but not the hat.
The dress looks great on her but the headpiece looks weird, its not event anywhere near nice.
Maxima is wearing the same outfit today. This is really to ´old´ for a young girl like Alexandra. There are much better outfits for this money that make her much younger.
The hairpiece looks a little odd but a great a outfit.

I think she looks better with lighter hair.
I'm not sure about the hat but the outfit and makeup are nice
Well I preferred lighter hair too but she is still gorgeous !
I'm not a fan of her dress. I do like her hat, it's very elegant.
Alexandra is a lovely girl but she has really filled out since she has matured. I hope she doesn't end up struggling with her weight as her mother does.
Her suit is very elegant and fits her well. Nice!
Her outfit and fascinator are nice. I do have to agree that I like her as a blond better as well.
22-06-2010 Luxembourg Princesse Alexandra of Luxembourg attended the National day celebrations

Outfit Detail
I prefer this one to the previous one, but I wish she had continued the pink down to the shoes.
Princess Tessy of Luxembourg visits the village of Diekirch one day before the National Day of Luxembourg, 22 June 2010.

Outfit Detail
She looks like she's wesring dolls clothes.
I don't mind the outfit, the top doesn't look especially good.
I agree, that dress is not ok for the event, imo.
Or maybe she could have used nude shoes, but this one don't go well with the outfit.
I prefer this one to the previous one, but I wish she had continued the pink down to the shoes.

Yeah, her jacket, purse, earrings, even the small ribbon in her hair all matched almost exactly...if you're going to go that pink you need to fully commit. I personally didn't like all that pink (and it's my favorite color) and would have preferred some splash of color, but the shoes weren't the place to do it.
Agree, the grey shoes don't look right with it. Even white shoes would look better.
The dress itself is nice
The grey pants outfit looks awful. The top looks messy.
Maria Teresa at the National Day Gala

This is the same Elie Saab dress that Crown Princess Victoria has in gray, from Fall 2009 Ready to Wear.

And if CP Victoria has the same dress and looks fantastic in it, Maria Teresa does not need be wearing the same dress. I mean I know that there are dresses out there that women of all shapes would look good in, but Elie Saab's dresses are not those type of dresses. Next time she sees CP Victoria wearing it she just needs to walk in the other direction. In other words, this is not a good dress for MT. ;)
Maria Teresa has been wearing Elie saab for a few years well before Victoria started wearing them.
Maria-Theresa is a beautiful woman of fuller size. I wish she would remember that. Sometimes she looks like a sausage. Most things look good on Victoria, Maria-Theresa has to work on it.
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