Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, Current Events Part 5: September 2017 - present

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Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte ?
It's such a pity that they didn't publish a decent picture of HGD Stephanie. And even more of a pity that Claire didn't attend. Maybe she stayed with the kids? The reception was on a Monday and they sure were supposed to be at school today.
Finally a New Year's reception happened!!
Yes Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte [emoji6]
May the Princess rest in peace. She was the last surviving child of Grand Duchess Charlotte and Prince Félix.
Can anyone share a more recent picture of the princess? The court used one of a still very young princess.

Has she largely been forgotten in Luxembourg? Or was there still an active interest in GD Jean's siblings?
Grand Duke Henri and HGD Guillaume received Fernand Ernster, new President of the Chamber of Commerce, today, February 28:

** Pic **
Great to see Felix, Claire and Louid attending. Especially in the absence of the hereditary grand ducal couple.

HGD Guillaume joined the others for the procession in the afternoon, and HGD Stéphanie with Charles and François arrived for the third item on the programme, the balcony appearance. Videos have already been shared via stories on the instagram account, photos will follow later on.

So cute ?

** screenshot **
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It does not surprise me that HGD Stephanie would choose to forgo the Procession. She is about 6 weeks out from major surgery.

This Octave will mark the Grand Ducal Family's first balcony appearance since Covid. I cannot wait to see Charles and François....this will be their first appearance period.?
The Instagram account just posted an video of Henri and MT walking together with Charles, but what catch my attention is behind them, Guillaume is carefully shielding little Francois from sunshine when Stephanie is holding him:wub:
Here are the IG stories of Stephanie with Charles and baby Francois. Careful before watching though, these images are way TOO CUTE! :wub:

what catch my attention is behind them, Guillaume is carefully shielding little François from sunshine when Stephanie is holding him

Here: :wub:
François is such a healthy looking baby! And Charles, well, he's Little Prince Charming!
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I am very surprised to see infant François at the Octave, but delighted just the same.?
The GD Family seems to have color coordinated themselves this year in different shades of blue.

Very lovely effect!;)

Am I the only one that noticed how tall Amalia is growing? She has her mother's very long legs and will be taller than MT in a year or two!:ohmy:

She is a little beauty for sure.
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Prince Francois has quite an early royal debut at only 7 weeks of age (and already posing for the group picture for his aunt's wedding 2 weeks ago!)
I'm impressed HGD Stephanie attended with Prince François for any Octave event. Also, HGD Guillaume recently returned from a working visit in California.

Lovely to see Prince Felix's family and Prince Louis at Octave. I miss hats though.
Why would Felix participate in local elections while living in Geneva (if I'm not mistaken - but at least abroad)?
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If voting is mandatory, did Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastien go to vote? They probably did it in France at the embassy?
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If they make it mandatory to vote when you don't live in the country I assume they are going to make it very easy to do so.
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