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Welcome to Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
Current Events, Part 9

Commencing August 4th, 2023

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Today, September 11, and tomorrow Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attend the summit of the heads of state of German-speaking countries in Belgium. Photos and information can be found and posted at this thread.
Grand Duke Henri attended the University of Luxembourg's 20th anniversary celebration today, September 14:

** Pic **
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended, this Monday morning at the Maison du Savoir on the Belval Campus, a special academic start for 60 students: the launch of the Bachelor in Nursing Sciences at UniLu.
As President and founder of Stand Speak Rise Up! Grand Duchess Maria Teresa participated in a conference organized by BGL BNP Paribas in Kirchberg today, September 19, "to shed light on the situation of rape as a weapon of war":

** instagram post 1 ** instagram post 2 ** instagram post 3 **
Yesterday, September 22, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa opened the District 27 conference of Zonta International at Neimënster Abbey:

** monarchie: Conférence du District 27 du Zonta International **

And she attended the "Luxembourg Theater Awards" and the "Luxembourg Dance Prize" at the Théâtre d'Esch-sur-Alzette:

** monarchie: Cérémonie de remise des "Lëtzebuerger Theaterpräisser" et "Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis" **

Today, September 23, Maria Teresa as President of the Luxembourg Red Cross participated in the presentation of medals to 132 blood donors.

** monarchie: Cérémonie de remise des médailles aux donneurs de sang méritants **
Grand Duke Henri as Honorary President of Rotary of Luxembourg and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa yesterday, September 24, attended the closing of the 40th edition of "Joint Journey", "the national action led by the 14 Rotary clubs of Luxembourg, in partnership with the Grand Ducal Police and various sports and cultural associations":

** instagram gallery **
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Yesterday, October 3, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa attended the national homage for late French historian and perpetual secretary of the Academie Francaise Helene Carrere d'Encausse at the Hotel des Invalides in Paris:

** instagram gallery *
Grand Duchess Maria Teresa as Honorary President of the Cancer Foundation Luxembourg sent a video message on the occasion of the celebration of ten years of the National Cancer Registry yesterday, October 5:

** monarchie: Le "Registre National du Cancer" fête ses 10 ans **

Meanwhile Grand Duke Henri attended the inauguration of HomeExpo and National Housing Week 2023:

** monarchie: Inauguration de la HomeExpo et de la Semaine nationale du Logement 2023 **

Today, October 6, Grand Duke Henri "referees and judges, brought together by the Luxembourg Sports Olympic Committee, engaged in European competitions in 2023":

** monarchie: Audience de 10 arbitres et juges sportifs **
As Honory President of the Cancer Foundation Luxembourg , The Grand Duchess should have spoken in the language of her Country. But alas she cannot after more than 40 years.
Following the legislative elections of October 8, 2023, Grand Duke Henri received, this Monday morning, in audience Mr. Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister, Minister of State, who presented the resignation of the government.

After a series of consultations, Grand Duke Henri invited Mr. Luc Frieden (CSV) to a hearing to appoint him to form a new government.
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It appears that the Grand Duchess was not present nor were other family members. :sad:
The HGD couple are almost always in attendance at this event.

This is odd.
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