Royal Ladies of Luxembourg Fashion and Style Part 4: May 2019 - June 2023

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to Part 4 of the thread for the Fashion and Style of the Royal Ladies of Luxembourg!

You can find the old thread here:

** Royal Ladies of Luxembourg Fashion and Style Part 3: December 2016 - May 2019 **

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Claire's dress is the same as CP Mary wore in South Korea last week. It's from Zimmermann

Princess Sibilla at the wedding of Casimir Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn and Alana Bunte in Germany today, June 1:

** Full view **
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I’ve been loving MT’s new style, kinda punk, kinda butch.
Way too much green and I don't care for the design/material of the outfit at all.
Maria Teresa's jacket is a bit much for me, though the look is nice overall.
GD Maria Teresa for the win...she is looking very elegant.

The Grand Duchess wears a hat and not for Grand Duke Jean's Funerals !
Same clor for Stéphanie and Alexandra !
Surprised not to see the Grand Duchess wearing a hat seeing as its National Day seems to be a trend of late.
The ladies added hats for Te Deum.

Back of MT's hat:

Princess Alexandra:

GD Maria Teresa's dress is wonderful although I wish the sleeve flares trend would go away. Pillbox compliments the sparkles.

Princess Alexandra's pale blue is pretty but the hat doesn't match. Seems random, like she forgot about needing a hat for Te Deum and grabbed any neutral hat.
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Pillbox hats really suit the Grand Duchess wasn't crazy about Princess Alexandra's hat at all.
Alexandra was lovely. Like her look. And quite like her proper hat :flowers:

Overall like MT except the puffy bottom of the sleeves ruin the overall look :sad:

Not a fan of pill boxes on younger women, often look out dated. But MT looks great in one. They suit her.

Alexandra is my best dressed.
Alexandra should keep this ensemble. She can easily reuse it in 20 years time (as it would work perfectly for a 40+ year old).

Edit: now I see it's a loan... It worked much better on MT imo - who at that time indeed was about 20 years older than Alexandra is now).
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Not perfect on Alexandra but it fits better than some of MT's outfits on Stephanie. Luckily for Claire, she'll probably never wear MT's clothes except maybe hats/accessories.

ETA: I do appreciate GDF's clothes sharing but sometimes the alterations don't work.
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Not a big fan of either look honestly.

MT black looks elegant and classy. But not a fan of the pink. Feels like a bathing suit cover to me.

Alexandra's dress looks like two dresses meshed. The top is boxy looking.
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