Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family, Current Events Part 5: September 2017 - present

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Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Theresa and the hereditary couple Guillaume and Stephanie, accompanied by Prince Charles and François, took part this Sunday afternoon in the closing procession of the Octave celebrations.

At the end of the procession, the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg greeted the public from the balcony of the Palace.

More pictures:
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How disappointing. It's the LRF annual event that I always looked forward to the most because of the large family turnout.

At the very least, the Heir Couple should have attended unless there was some dire emergency.
I've updated my post and Blog Real did add some photos as well shortly after, it was the first of three "events" only that Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria attended alone, see also the programme I've posted :flowers:
A bit surprised that there was so little attendance at the Closing procession of the Octave. Okay Alexandra must be due sometime now, but strange that neither Louis or Felix with families attended.
Yesterday, May 23, Grand Duke Henri hosted - accompanied by Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie - a reception in the gardens of Château de Berg to honor mayors of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg:

** Réception en l'honneur des bourgmestres luxembourgeois **

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