Princesses of Luxembourg Fashion and Style Part 1: June 2004 - May 2012

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Heir Presumptive
Dec 25, 2003
A lilac hat for a visit to Lituania

A large green hat at national day celebrations

A large orange hat (Fabienne Delvigne) for the wedding of Laurent and Claire of Belgium.

A large black hat at the funeral of prince Claus

A white hat at Sandhurst

A light blue hat she wore at various occasions

A large lilac hat

A shining orange pillbox hat

A large yellow hat

A deep blue cloche hat

A beautiful large red one

A small pink hat

A yellow one at the wedding of infanta Elena}
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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's Fashion and Style

I thought it would be neat to make a thread of Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa's gala dresses. When we have composed a few of them, and decided which are our top five or ten, then I can put up a poll for us to decide of our favorite of those. If you have any favorites, please post.
1. I really loved M-T's dress at the Danish royal wedding.....just beautiful! She looks so radiant.

2. I also like the dress she wore to the Spanish wedding dinner party.

3. Pretty in pink at the state visit of Luxembourg to Spain....although I hate to say this, the tiara doesn't look too good with the color of her beautiful gown.

4. An orange print at the wedding gala dinner of Haakon and Mette-Marit.

5. A gorgeous beige/cream print gown for her official 20th wedding anniversary portrait.

6. A very vibrant purple gown at the Academy of Music in Luxembourg.

7. A beautiful white gown at a gala reception in Luxembourg.

8. A pink and purple print at Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla's wedding reception.

9. A navy-blue lacy gown on the eve of Infanta Elena's wedding.

10. A smoky gray-blue gown in France.

Corbis: photography, rights, assignment, motion.


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1. A purple gown in Portugal. The Grand Duchess looks so beautiful in dark colors.

2. A black and red dress for her 40th birthday portrait.

3. A light purple gown at her son Crown Prince Guillaume's 18th birthday party.

4. A light red dress at the 50th birthday of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden.

5. A black gown at the birthday of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

6. Kind of difficult to see, but a dark blue gown with a sequined jacket in Brussels.

7. A lovely wine-colored dress with a nifty black belt at a mentor reception.

8. A very bright floral pastel gown at the wedding reception of Prince Alois of Liechtenstein.

9. Two lovely ladies: Maria Teresa of Luxembourg in a white and green embroidered gown and Silvia of Sweden in a purple sequined gown.

10. A black and grey lace gown at a reception in New York.

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1. This one is so eye catching! A black and white floral gown on the eve of Infanta Cristina's wedding.

2. Short and cute! A black gown for a UNESCO gala.

3. Another hard to see. A short, sequined black dress for a gala in Paris.

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WOW Thank You. I love the two dresses from the Spanish and Danish weddings, I also love the dress she wore for the official grand ducal portrait and the dress she wore for her birthday party that is light purple with Guillaume and Felix.
The Danish wedding dress is definitely my favorite. I also really love the black and white flowery print one she wore to Infanta Cristina's wedding.

That makes two of us. Perhaps someone who knows more about couture then I do might like to help us out in possibly finding out?
1. Luxembourg's National Day, 2003

2. Young MT (don't know the year).


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1 - With Mathilde, gala dinner for "Handicap International" association March 19, 2004 in Brussels.
2 & 3 - 2004 Visit to Denmark (I hate this yellow dress).
4 - With Henri (I think it's an official portrait. I love this dress).
5 - ?
6 - ?
7 - 2001 visit, Sweden. MT also wore this dress for dinner and party during the 2001 wedding of Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Maxima Zorreguieta.
8 - with Haya, UNESCO function.
9. - With Henri, 1998.


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MT wore this red dress in 1996 and 1999. I love her style and think she looks great for a woman who has five children. It's nice to see how her fashion tastes have evolved from 1996 to 2004.


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bad_barbarella said:
I Wish I Knew What Couture Labels She Wore
well, there were some pics from about 2 years ago of her at a valentino couture show. as for the rest, i would like to know too.
Nice pics Rere ^__^ thanks...I like simple dresses so i like it when MT where something simple and not to frilly or to decorative ^__^
i couldn't agree with you more. she should stick to simple dresses and suits b/c of her size- her height, and build. they'll slim her down and make her seem taller.
i totally agree with you msfroyste...MT somestimes wears dresses that are bulky! Like the dress you hate she wore to Denmark it makes her chest look too big!! >__<
which one, that hideous yellow/green/gold one with the purple fringe. that one makes me cringe just thinking about it.
the yelloww-green one she wore to Denmark...i think that was a BIg mistake! >__<
*cringes, oh yes it was. that was horrible. it might not have been so bad had she picked a decent material and been a different color.
I didn't mind the Danish state visit gala dress - I thought it was interesting - but I didn't like the ruffly collar!

Maria Teresa and Henri looking fabulous at the Venice Film Awards 2004 - I think the orange coloured dress really suits her :D


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Last edited by a moderator: it just me or does HEnri kind of remind you you know in SPider man...Peter Parker's best friend's father...the evil monster dude in the first movie...hahaha...of course Henri is alot better looking that that man hahah
LOL!!!that would be wilhelm defoe. no, i don't really see a remote resemblance there between him and henri. sorry, but i can't share your sentiment on that one. hehe.
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