Princess Marie's Fashion and Style Part 7: June 2012 - March 2013

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Now that I've seen a better picture of the printed dress, I retract my statement about disliking it. I think it's a lovely dress, and I love the black sash. Great contrast. The white dress is very nice as well.
I think the black/white (kind of dalmatian print) dress is the best look, Marie looks really nice here.

The white dress is very blah with the beige cardi :eek:

The red dress is okay but the shoes are super-ugly, wrong colour :eek::eek:
In like all the dresses on her but I love the polka dot cocktail dress really stunning and the white is very cute. I agree summery beachy she looks great. IMO

A very lovely summer look for Princess Marie today, August 16, at an exhibition opening in Holte - very nice on her:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Pale yellow is not suitable for everyone, but Marie looks fabulous in it. I love the cut and style of the dress as well. Great choice.
Daria_S said:
Pale yellow is not suitable for everyone, but Marie looks fabulous in it.

it's one advantage of her tan-looks great with the color.
Princess Marie looks lovely!! I love the pale yellow, it's very becoming!!!
She looks stunning! Love the style and color. That color is gorgeous on her.
Great color & great dress! Love it on Marie. I'm liking her style more and more lately. She is such a pretty woman. Also, looks like she had some highlights put on her hair, which are lovely.
Love the colour on her the dress and the dress is so flattering on her IMO
The dress is very nice on Marie and it seems that finally she's got her hair done!
I like the dress on Marie. The long necklace is nice, too.
Wonderful pics, Muhler! She looks so happy in them all and I love her dress. Thanks for the link.
Love all the dresses, especially the red one. Marie looks very well in v neck, sleeveless, full skirted, diaphonous materials.
The brown shoes with the red dress were the ugliest shoes I've ever seen. they looked like something you would be forced to wear for medical reasons that only came in that one, ugly color.
I think her hair would look much better shoulder length.
iceflower said:

Great look for Princess Marie at the opening of Copenhagen Cooking 2012 today, August 24 - very nice dress and lovely hair:

** Full view 1 ** Full view 2 ** Upper part **

She looks wonderful!! I love the dress, the shoes are not boring, and the hair is delicate and beautiful. Wonderful all way round. Well done, Marie!
Lovely dress! She looks really good!
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This is a great look on her. She's looking wonderful!
Absolutely wonderful! Love the dress, the color and her hair. Great job Marie!
Love the dress love the hair detail ... cute.
This is a very nice look for Marie. I really like the color combination of the dress, along with the style. Her hair looks very pretty a well.
Marie looks terrific! Love the unusual color combination and the accessories. I hope she keeps up the good looks...
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