Princess Marie's Fashion and Style Part 11: October 2016 - December 2018

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I may not love this as a princess dress, but she looks absolutely spectacular in it. My jaw dropped - and not in a bad way. I do wonder what it looked like inside under lights. Because I think the flash lamps did nothing help the look.
I like Marie's dress, it is shiny; but I think the shiny feel gives it a magical quality. I can imagine that it looked beautiful in real life.
This dress is growing on me. It looks good in some photos where you can see the back of it as well.
I think she looks great.just the right jewels, not too many and the color of the gown and it's fit are perfect. Not her usual froufrou and a real improvement
Under certain lights I liked this dress, but when shown under full flash it looked way too shiny. Shame as I usually like ode yde. I also think thar dark grey/brownish colour is not very becoming on most people.
Don't care for the ruffles on the side, but the fabric, color and cut is quite fabulous. One of her best outings yet at this reception.
If you watch the video of them arriving you can seethe dress that looks so shiny when they arrive and the flashlights are going off looks much much better once they are inside the Palace in steady light.
I think princess Marie looks great. Nice dress.
I don't like her choice of dress this year.

(...)this color is definitely not hers
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At first I thought Princess Marie was wearing leather!!!! But I realized that the problem is seeing the dress in the very bright flash lights of the photographers' cameras. However, I think the cut and fit looked fantastic on her. Without the bright, flashing lights - the dress is one of Princess Marie's best outfits that she has worn to this event.
I was not so keen on the material used, but the close-up shots show the dress to have been beautifully made.
Really not a fan. The peplum style I am not a fan of. The bow around the waist, and the odd trim above the knees, are not good touches. Her hair is nice and earrings. Unfortunately her tiara is so small and delicate it gets lost.
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the dress does not really work, maybe in a different color it would have worked better
No..not flattering at all. If the cut of the dress was the same as her New Year's Gala dress - the material would have worked better.
Terrible dress on Marie at the banquet - the shape, style and overall appearance does not flatter her
The dress reminds me of outer space but I dislike the style.
It's odd I like the top and skirt but I think the top is too long the style suits her and she never tries to overshadow Mary which I think I like about her as well...
Gosh, that is one dowdy dress. Hairstyle is very unflattering for Marie's shape of face.
I like peplum but this is horrible. Hope Marie puts the dress in the back of her closet and forgets it's there.
Better than last night. But what is it with Princess Marie and these shiny fabrics??!!
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