Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 6: February 2015 - June 2016

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She looks great. Love her shoes too.
Perfect ensemble. She looked fabulous in that dress, great posture, hairdo to show off the neckline and terrific figure. Don't love the white pearls on the shoes, a little busy for my taste.
This look is perfect. I always think that Resort 2016 collection of Erdem is so pretty and Madeleine paired her lovely dress well with the elegant coat and heels. She looked beautiful.
Nice color, though the coat looks a little too heavy for her. She looks older than her age
Nice color, though the coat looks a little too heavy for her. She looks older than her age

I agree, it's a bit more matronly than her usual style. But she looks great in that color!
Not her best look for Madeleine!!
Not a fan of McQueen style, dislike the little black collar details. Don't like the black and white paired with the dusty rose. Good coat color.
The color is good but the black around the neck is distracting. The princess is looking very nice.
Wow! Madeline looks gorgeous! Beautiful dress!
She looks amazing!! I really like the coat and everything. And the hair is perfect as always.
Although Madeleine looks fit, healthy and beautiful (I think she is the most best-looking princess of her generation) today's outfit was a bit of a miss for me. It did look matronly.
The dress is gorgeous! That is where the little black things come from. She should take the coat back
A little short but I like the color/pattern of the dress.

i love that dress on madeleine - it is fantastic. the only thing i don't like are those two awkward black things on the collar, but the rest is amazing. a girl cannot go wrong in valli! it is a real shame, for that matter, that her coat obscured how amazing the dress was. i also love how she wore her hair down.

beautiful look on madeleine. victoria didn't disappoint either!
The dress is wonderful and she looks in great shape in it. The coat is a miss for me. Not well fitting. The Te Deum outfit is okay.
For me she is the opposite of Victoria today, I love it without the coat.:)

The pink coat looks matronly on her IMO. And the dress doesn't go with it:ermm:

But the dress itself is beautiful. I love both dresses (yesterdays). Yesterday's collar was a bit odd to me (reminded me of a dicky) but it grew on me. This one the black part just is bizarre, even worse with the coat. Over all, out of the coat, she looks beautiful.

But if the wind blew away that fascinator I wouldn't be sad:whistling:
Beautiful pink coat but I dislike the dress.
I dislike these kinds of dresses.
The dress looks much better than the first time that she wore it, probably because of the jewels. Gorgeous
I love her evening appearance, that dress is a stunner and she looks riveting.

I also loved her daytime outfit once the coat was over. The dress and hat were amazing. The pink coat was beautiful too but I think it would have look much more better matched to a simpler dress.
Madeleine looks really stunning! I prefer this dress with soft down hair but it fits Madde as a glove!
Princess Madeleine's yesterday''s dress had lovely color. I also liked her beautiful hairdo and shoes.
Today --that McQueen coat seemed too capacious for her. But that Valli dress with flowers looked soo pretty and soo suitable for the spring time.
For the evening she recycled that Elie Saab dress she wore for her pre-wedding dinner in 2013. Today she had her hair up, teamed with the Modern Fringe Tiara and gorgeous earrings (I believe Victoria wore those for her pre-wedding event). And Madeleine still perfectly fit into that dress despite having had two children since last time she wore it :)
BTW: I really like Madeleine's current hair color. Some darker shades makes her look older but this lighter tone is very flattering with her skin tone.
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Wow Maddie is stunning tonight. That dress still fits like a glove nearly 3 years and 2 babies later:flowers:

While I prefer the pre-wedding hair with this dress, she still looks amazing tonight with the updo and tiara. The jewels add to the look as well.
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