Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 6: February 2015 - June 2016

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i didn't think the boots were that appropriate for this event. however, nice call on the black - how ironic that oscar was born as brigitta's husband died....
Very beautiful and suitable appearance of the event and place.
The outfit is lovely but I don't like the shoes.
Love the suit, very stylish and elegant. The shoes need to go. They don't look good with the outfit.

I'm with most here . . . the suit is very elegant and the "shoes" look as clompy as army boots! Perhaps with trousers?
The dark green skirt suit is appropriate and elegant. However, the chunky statement necklace and boots clash with that elegance. :ermm:
Madeleine looks wonderful and her smile is a thing of beauty always! But those clunky boots do not suit her at all. :( They spoil an otherwise elegant outfit, imho.
Love the whole look as always.

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Wonderful dark green suit, elegant cut. Even like the shooties, they are a little chunky and go with the boxy cut. Don't like the huge statement necklace, especially if we are grading on solemnity...
I dislike booties on anyone even the ever beautiful Madeleine.
I don't like the dress but the coat is beautiful.
The coat is beautiful and Maddie looks stunning,well put together :flowers:

I like the print of the dress, and it looks fabulous with the coat. I am not a fan of the dress on its own, the dicky style collar area looks odd to me. But covered by the coat, with just parts showing, looks much better.:)
Nice dress but it would have suited better to a day event.
I liked the outfit minus the coat,Madeleine was my best dressed Princess this evening.
I love the coat and I love the dress but not together. She looked beautiful with just the dress walking in! Love her hair, as well.
Wow , what a great look. I love the dress, the shoes and the hair. This is definitely a perfect look imo. :)
Madeleine looks great especially her hair and her outfit is very well put together. My only criticism is that I think the coat would be better if it was slightly more fitted, I know there are still a lot of over-sized coats about but I don't think they are right for more formal occasions.
I think Madeleine looks great! I agree with Amy in that her outfit appears to be well put together. I'm not a fan of her shoes, however, but they go well with the dress and her hair is beautiful.
Madeleine looks lovely. I like her dress and those shoes. :)
Madeleine looks wonderful. I love that she is mature enough to give us an absolutely gorgeous updo to ensure that the statement neckline of the dress is not obscured. It also makes sense of her use of black lace shoes (gorgeous).

All in all, a terrifc ensemble but the coat missed the mark being too sloppy and a bit short. It didn't seem to "fit" with anything except there was a little white in her dress.
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