Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 4: August 2008 - November 2008

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Goodness, she Does own a pair of royal-looking shoes! I have seen prettier shoes but as sgl said, she left her platforms at home! Things are looking up and she looks so feminine in this style.
lovely outfit and lovely shoes! i hope she sticks to these from now on. we have had enough of peep toes and platforms!
Picture details she has worn these shoes with this outfit before in the last few weeks

Sorry, PrincessofE, but I don't see anything but two pics of the suit from the hips up, no trousers. I can't imagine that they would look any better but at least they would be covered by the trousers. Makes sense, imo...

Here is what i think are her laceup boots worn with a pair of trousers during a visit to the best town in Asturias Award in Oct 08

A reminder of the boots
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I thought I had seen them before! Thanks for the reminder, PoE. I think I prefer a more slender heel but hey, One step at a time!! (Sorry 'bout the pun.) :(

I was referring to your previous post not this one about the boots! Guess we got crossed up! Thanks for These pics, as well, PoE.
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Time to close thread. Thanks to all who participated. See you in part 5.

Happy posting!
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