Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 25: June 2012 - October 2012

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I think it´s a very nice look for her. I like the print and the colour of the dress and I´m very glad that she did´t match it with a cardi, but with a nice blazer.
Like the jacket but, I think the print of the dress is horrible!
Great outfit, the dress is lovely and the jacket makes the whole look very classy.
Her face make-up is very dark/tan lately :ermm:

And unfortunately her neck is white compared to the dark face.

I love the dress! Very different colors than what she normally wears, and I like the blazer and shoes with it.
I like the style of the dress, but not the pattern. However, Letizia does pull it off quite nicely. The black of the jacket balances it all out.
I didn't like the print on the dress, though the black blazer and shoes toned it down. And too bad she didn't wear a blazer this time with the slacks; it would have pulled the look together and she'd have been more in sync with Felipe who was wearing a jacket.
I like the printed dress. It looks good on her.
:previous:Yes, my thoughts exactly, though I love the color and the shoes.
I love the dress & shoes Letizia wore to receive the Spanish football team. It's such a gorgeous colour and she looks great in it!!!
A little bit too short but, I think she still looks stunning! Great color.
I love the dress Letizia wore for receiving the Spanish team, especially the colour.
It was a very formal event, so the somewhat shorter-than-usual length doesn't bother me at all.

The red dress looks wonderful on Letizia.
Today, recycling the pattern dress from last summer.
I have always liked the colour combination of this dress. The bag and shoes are nice too.
Very nice dress. I love everything about the look, hair and accessories included.
I like both dresses.
The short coral dress is very nice and I love the colour, but I think she looked a bit too dressed-up for this event.
The pattern dress is beutiful and I love the purse and the shoes.
Both dresses look great on Letizia! I really love the red outfit.
I like the red dress, and don't really mind that it's a bit on the short side. The occasion wasn't anything too formal. Red is very flattering on Letizia.
Not one of her better daytime looks. Although I guess it's pretty typical for a daytime look for Letizia.
The outfit is horrible! Hate the print of the top and I think the jacket and pants are unflattering.
The suit buttoned up looked nice but opened it looked baggy.
I don't like the print of the top and I don't like it not tucked in. Makes it look a size or two too big and messy.
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