Princess Haya's Fashion & Style Part 3: April 2012 - 2014

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looove the outfit she looks great.
I don't mind the hat maybe little big but I like big hat.
shoes and bag are elegant too.
Nice that she is in red but the hat was a wrong match IMO.
Haya wearing black and white shoes with the look.

Princess Haya always looks radiant in red & the black and white-theme is probably a reference to the famous film "My Fair Lady" where Cecil Beaton designed absolutely fabulous gowns and headgear for Audrey Hepburn and the rest of the cast! I would recommend watching the film because it is one of Audrey´s best films and very interesting & well-made too :flowers:
The size of the hat may be a little bit daring and overpowering for her petite figure, but for such a prestigious event one can never be dressed too extravagant and it looks nice to me :D
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The caftan is really nice and the colors work well. I don't like such high and pulled hair styles on Haya, they don't suit her.
This is a nice, refreshing change for Haya.
The dress looks great on Haya. She is petite and has a pear shape so this dress is very slimming on her. Love it. Also, the hat is fantastic, very chic. Can't wait to see more.
i think the perfect outfit on Haya.
there is alot of flowers and i like it..hat is lovely.
the hat is very unique loved color combination with the dress good start for haya !
Today she wore a ugly dress.
Ascot Day 1
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I like the outfit she loses a lot of weight

Princess Haya looks very pretty , I liked her outfit , nice Dress & very much suits Haya body shape , like the hat & makeup & the earrings , she looks perfect
I liked her on Ascot 1st day she looks much much better than 2nd IMO
Not fun of 2nd day outfit !
The shape of the dress is nice, but the checkered fabric is hideous! Was she going to be the flag at the finish line or what? Oh my. A lovely pastel or floral print would have been wonderful to see.
The flower outfit was ok I feel like there were too many flower I wish the sleeves hadn't had them. I liked the black and white dress she should have worn a bigger hat.
June 20, 2013 - Princess Haya attending day 3 of royal ascot in a sky blue outfit which IMO is quite outdated, unflattering and old for her. The lipstick doesn't work as well.

Full view

Haya's suit is by Christian Dior Couture Spring 2013
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I don't call it ugly or a disaster but a change and experiencing new fashion trends. Its a nice change to what she wears and all the grown up suits that don't suit her personality IMO.

Dress is by Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 runway dress

The only thing I would change is the hat. She should've worn a proper headpiece or a wide brim hat.

Ascot day 2

Full view ** Close up
If Princess Haya wanted to wear a piece from this particular collection, I think she should have chosen another dress. She does not have the figure to pull the checkered dress off. I liked the hat and hairstyle.
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