Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 5: June 2012 - July 2012

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Princess Charlene at the Louis Vuitton boutique at the Place Vendome in Paris on July 3, 2012.

- Complete look
- Close up of the dress
- Hair, jewellery and makeup

Love the dress. It's quite bold and although normally I'm no fan of glitter and sequins, Charlene managed to balance sparkle and elegance.

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Another fantastic look! Again I like the whole look on her!
It's very 1980s ballerina. Was she going clubbing afterwards?
EIIR said:
It's very 1980s ballerina. Was she going clubbing afterwards?

You'd wear that clubbing? Far too posh.
An unflattering dress in a design that has too much going on - the sequins in two colors glistening like glue, the rows of ruffles looking stiff and oddly quilted, yet another transparent ruffle at the bottom: Less would have been more.
It’s an uneasy mix of flapper and yesteryear’s disco queen... the sequinned rectangle in the front apparently does not go all around the upper body and makes Charlene’s torso look massive.
IMHO anything but elegant, no hair style today either - a clear miss for me, and disappointing after yesterday’s beautiful appearance.

Upper part:

Full view:
That shiny monstrosity is over the top. The shade of blue would have been lovely on Charlene if it was shimmering and hurting my eyes. No, this one is a miss for me. It's something one may possibly wear to a nightclub or better yet, an 80s disco.
Well, Charlene pushed the envelope a bit. I give her credit for trying, and I actually like the sequined portion of the dress but not those ruffles. It would have been a better look if the dress was all sequined. The top portion around the neck and shoulders looks incomplete without the sequins; I don't like that black part and there looks to be an odd blue stripe going down the side. Somewhat a mishmash of fabric and style here. But the deep blue is an absolutely gorgeous color on her and those diamond drop earrings are to die for.
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Something different but I really like it!!!
I'm in the miss camp too. Apart from the colour (royal blue/black) I like nothing about the style of the dress, hate the platform shoes and the overall "heroin chic" style & make-up. Doesnt look good on Charlene, at all.
Not a fan of this look at all. I think it's too much. I especially dislike the ruffles.
I think the dress looks great when she is moving but the still photos make it appear lke some lost flapper dress recycled it's a shame the colour looks great on her though
I am not liking this look on her at all. Ruffles, sheer black on the bottom..all way too much going on. It lacks sophistication and elegance. I do like the color but that's where it ends for me.
I like that she's trying a new thing , the color is good too , her earrings are amazing , but the dress isn't that good , not bad though , i don't hate it
You'd wear that clubbing? Far too posh.

I wouldn't wear it anywhere, but it's a short dress with sequins and ruffles coupled with platform peep-toes and heavy smoky eyed make-up. Many thousands of teenage girls will be vomiting on the pavements in similar dresses up and down the country on Saturday night. Only difference is theirs will likely be more figure hugging (i.e. at least one size too small for them).
I really like the color and style of the pink dress, but I don't like how it fits. It's way too loose around the waist. Her makeup and hair are really lovely though.

The blue dress is hideous. There is way too much going on with this outfit - sequins, lace, ruffles and bows on the shoes. It's all just a hot mess.
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Wow she really looks stunning in these pictures. Am I the only one who sees a ressemblance to Princess Grace here ?
I often see a glimpse of Grace in her.

the anniversary picture looked a little too baggy but love the color.
:flowers:the pink dress was a stunning look, her hair is what it should be.
the sequined dress was a little off, but good for trying.
Very casual outfit IMO and one would think it was a warm winter day.
Was this a formal event? She's wearing flipflops?
The official visit does not formally begin until Monday. Todays arrival was pretty much private.

She is wearing sandals not flip flops.
I love the top but not the pants or sandals.
Those certainly look like flip-flops to me. The outfit looks like something a middle-aged woman would wear to the supermarket. Odd choice.
That outfit doesn't appeal to me at all, especially the sandals/flipflops.
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I think she looks good, I love the pants and top combo though I do wonder if she was sweating buckets.
Very sloppy appearance. I'm not liking anything, except her hair style. It looks as if she grabbed whatever was the closest in terms of reaching, put it on, and went on her merry way.
Terrible outfit. Even though they may be sandals, they look like flip flops and the whole grey top is awful.
Charlene herself looks lovely. I dont mind the grey top or pants but the sandals or flip flops is a big no-no for me. You should do better than this when arriving for an offical visit. Obviously there was kind of an official greeting, to turn up in flip flops or sandals that can be mistaken for flip flops is just sloppy.
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