Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 5: June 2012 - July 2012

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Not a bad dress. The color reminds me of the dress color she wore for her official engagement announcement picture.

Yes, and it's such a perfect color for a Mediterranean country. She also looks much more relaxed in this photo as well compared to the engagement one.
Charlene looks like she's wearing a bed sheet in that photo. It emphasises her broadness.
I love the official portrait! The dress is gorgeous (color and style-wise).
That is a pretty dress, I wish I could see more of it and from different angles. Pretty color as well.
I love the color on the official portrait, but I think the waist embellishment makes her figure look a bit strange- almost pear shaped.
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New official photo in celebration of their anniversary.
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That's one in a million! Charlene looks absolutely stunning!!!
She does, doesn't she. Majestically at ease. How comfortable and relaxed they both are - always aware of the other in the most tender way (especially Albert of her) - you cannot fake that. Her face is radiant. :flowers:

Love the dress, too, and the color - so delicate - Charlene's style, simple, clean lines, beautiful fabric and always elegant as a result. The whole picture is well-crafted with the background and flowers and all, too. Albert is looking pretty sharp.
I know a lot of people really want and love to see Charlene in deep jewel colours like the rust coloured dress but I think she looks fabulous in the more etherial deep pastels. Her Engagement and wedding ensembles come to mind. In this latest photo she looks wonderul, she glows and as Tyger said. she looks Majestically at ease. What more could a woman want!
she looks happy and radiant and everything but the fit of the dress is bad ! great color though
She looks very beautiful! The color is gorgeous!
I love the burgundy dress on Charlene. And she looks great in her anniversary photo.

Princess Charlene at the Christian Dior Haute-Couture show as part of Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013
on July 2, 2012, looking lovely in a light pink dress - I like the whole look including hair and makeup!

** Full view ** Upper part ** Close up **
She looks stunning! I love that color. The dress is simple, classic and elegant. Great look for Charlene!
Very elegant!
she's dazzling , hair and makeup are amazing , i think we can assume that she's Dior head to toe , also she's not wearing her wedding ring , but wearing another ring perhaps by Dior too, anyway I'm glad she attended. it was a deep wish , and the collection is amazing and simple , I guess Charlene would really like it , and will choose some pieces of it(hopefully)
Princess Charlene at the Christian Dior Haute-Couture show as part of Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013 on July 2, 2012.

Close up

I suspect she's had a trim (just to even things out) but it's been left at a perfect length. I wonder if she is going to leave it here - I think it's perfect. I agree about the make-up - beautiful. The earrings are an interesting choice of color given the color of the outfit - probably chosen to go with her eyes.
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This might be one of her best looks since the wedding - the dress soft, sleek and elegant, the overall appearance very sophisticated, a sophistication which all her (too) many Akris dresses try to achieve without succeeding, IMHO.
Whoever did her make up and hair in Paris knew exactly what s/he was doing - in the past, this has frequently not been the case.
I think this length of hair is nice on her, any shorter and it doesn't really work. I actually love her dress - cute and color. Very pretty and quite elegant. I usually don't like this color on her because it washed her out but it works this time on her because of the make up which is quite nice. One of the really nice overall looks.
Wow she really looks stunning in these pictures. Am I the only one who sees a ressemblance to Princess Grace here ?
She looks stunning, I like her pink dress and her new earings, they are very beautiful.
A beautiful fit and the ruffle isn't overdone. I really like her in form-fitting clothing; she has a stunning shape. A bracelet, dangling earrings or necklace would have looked lovely, but her hair and makeup are impeccable.
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I love the pink dress. It looks absolutely delightful on Charlene. Her hair style suits her.
she looks great , and pink so suits her !
Easily one of Charlene's best outfits. (...)
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I totally love the pink dress I like her with a bit od makeup in public and her hair has grown a little a looks great curled.
Looks like I'm in minority, but while I like the colour and style of the dress, I hate how it sits on Charlene.
It doesn't compliment her figure, at least in my opinion.

As far as style is concerned, in-between Armani and Akris, between rather overblown, rather too casual and rather refined, I don't see a true Charlene signature style yet.

The remark about Akris clothes being 'mediocre' is IMHO correct; they constantly try to achieve an haute couture look but have neither the originality nor the high quality and craftsmanship that should go with it; for me, there is always something missing, and I find that the designs often try to achieve an elegant simplicity which ends up as sheer blandness.
Steering away from Akris would be a great move for Princess Charlene's style, I'd say.
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She does look stunning. She has chosen a very minimalist style. Very little jewelry, very sleek looks. Very elegant. Her hair looks great.
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