Princess Charlene's Fashion and Style Part 5: June 2012 - July 2012

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I like very much the red dress, she is very elegant , I like her style il is never boring. well done Charlene.
:D in that dress she looks a bit like a 16 year old gymnast from the former communist east european countries (except that she is not flatchested enough).
I agree with most members, love the color and cut, not the see-through part. Terrible!
That dress is just ugly, as are the shoes.
I really like all her outfits she had so far!:heart:
her but? Is there a picture of the dress from the back? I can only see that it accentuates her breasts.

I'm with most other posters - great colour but the transparent part doesnt look good, it accentuates the but far too much.
I really disliked her lace pantsuit and while the color of her dress is beautiful, the transparent aspect is not a good look even if that's a lining beneath.
Doesn't look see through or transparent at all to me, more like a sparkly embellishment or pattern on a rose coloured dress. Rather attractive IMO.
Like to see Charlene in the red dress and the shape of the dress is nice - not sure about having the beige underlay on show but overall a decent outing for Charlene
The dress ist ugly - hate the shoes.

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