Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Fashion & Style Part 5: December 2014 - May 2015

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Now I see, yeh, it's not in being willowy. Slender or not, if they know how to dress well, they'll look great.
Thanks for that info about people living in monarchy countries (except ones who are fans of this subforum in particular) not being critical of their royals' clothing preferences/style. Good for Stéphanie, but for people here who long to see her dress for her age, you have to wait for her to finally lose her clothing preference. From what I could see, she feels comfortable of clothes that don't show much skin (long sleeves, pants/long skirts) and in my opinion, I love it and praise her for that. Yes, she doesn't know about having her clothes edited to match her shape well (& color-coordinate), and it is an eyesore for most people here but well, there's nothing you all could do except wait.

That lack of criticism she hears about her style is a factor why she sticks to her preference. Her people looks beyond her physical aspect, as well as her family and most especially her husband. Mentioning this, I think Guillaume is not the kind of hubby who fusses over what his wife wears (and I find this lovely). If he is the type that cares about how Stéphanie looks, we could have already seen a major change in her style by this time... but no, not yet... Anyway, what does he know about what's in and what's not?
mslewis I think it is odd that in a fashion thread, as mentioned above ,you feel that fashion should not be commented on .... have I missed something here ??? She doesn't know this exists you say ... I am not sure this thread has that in mind ... each post is just in someones opinion that's all ... that she is a nice person well that is subjective statement IMO but fashion is different for everyone and it is nice to read the opinion of others .. that's all this is IMO
No, you most certainly did not miss something.

For the life of me I cannot understand why people feel the need to come on a fashion thread and take a fellow member to task for . . . wait for it . . . critiquing their fashion. It seems to me that some are unable to separate a negative comment on an ensemble and read it as a personal attack on the wearer.

Don't get me wrong, there are certainly times that the subjects of these threads commit a fashion faux pas or have a totally predictable wardrobe malfunction, and the response is negative and lead to an "OMG, what was she thinking" mini-avalanche. But the only thing questioned is their fashion choices.

Stephanie is one of the lucky ones because while her fashion is hit and miss, her sincerity always factors in.

Time to close this thread! Thanks for all your contributions! The new thread can be found here.
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