Fashion and Style of Royal Men, Part 1: April 2003 - April 2016

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IMO Harry is often better dressed (in terns of style/elegance) than William especially here lately. LaRae

I have seen it the same way, Pranter. :flowers: Harry has his father's sensibilities in dress, though not to his father's high standards (yet). Also his mother's, it was the one trait both parents shared. Even Charles made allusion to that, indicating how much he appreciated Diana's sense of style. So given both parents' sartorial gifts, what's up with the next generation? Maybe George and Charlotte will inherit the gene. ;)
Now, let's have a look at a royal gentleman who has never been afraid of challenging the dress-codes. PH. Who is here seen wearing a suit and a tie, which in monarchies left unmentioned would cause a collective nervous breakdown. :eek::eek::eek:

This is beyond extraordinary! :cool:
:previous: a mustard color suit with a red panda tie...only Henrik :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Oh wow! Just wow! I think it seared my retinas! Speechless. :shock:
Lord Frederick did some modelling in his younger years didn't he, so he is probably quite interested in fashion.

As for Henrik, I shall quite miss seeing some of his very individual clothing choices now he's retired. He's obviously a lover of bright colours, as I am myself! Was he an unconventional dresser as a young man?
Last week Svensk Damtidning had an article about the fashion of the royal men.
Fredrik af Klercker, a style expert who has written a book "Stiljournalen - Allt om klassisk herrstil" ("Style Journal - All about classic men's style") says: "Prince Daniel seems to be the one at the royal family who has the biggest interest in style. He has a super stylish morning jacket, super stylish black tie and always good-looking suits".
Daniel Lindström from magazine Cafe agrees: "Prince Daniel is the one who dresses himself best. But he also has a body of like a mannequin or a model, it is just to put clothes on him". Lindström says about Carl Philip and Chris O'Neill: "There is a problem with the fit. Carl Philip looks fantastic but he doesn't have the really right clothes on. He has too big jeans and a little too big jackets. I would advice them to find suits which feel modern and are truly fitting, so that they fit perfect. Maybe they could also have trousers which are a little shorter so that they are more modern". Lindström thinks also that the royal men should experiment with their clothes a little more.
Both Lindström and af Klercker think that prince Charles is the best dressed royal man right now. British royal men are always well dressed. King Felipe is also very well dressed. Af Klercker also says that in his book he highlights prince Bertil as a style icon. He was such a cool personality, the charisma just shined from him. Besides, he managed to look perfectly cool out even when he was playing boules. And then he was as naturally cool when he was sitting at the Nobel Prize ceremony.
:previous: And here is another example of the effortlessly stylish Prince Daniel in a blue . . . wait for it . . . double-breasted suit. Very suave indeed. It is surprising when you look to see just how many he has in various different shades of blue.

I have to be honest, I like Daniel in double-breasted suits as they seem to make him look far more sophisticated and distinctive somehow, although I have to admit I wasn't a fan of his brown, many-pocketed version.

Perhaps he is taking a page from Prince Charles book and setting his own standard and style. Either that or they suit snuck under the Palace Royal Fashion Police radar!
What combination is that? Probably Mette-Marit choose for him :lol:
I don't mind the green pants and brown shoes, but they don't work with the checked jacket and white shirt and black tie. He's wearing a different outfit on each half of his body. There's a story there, and I'd love to know it. :D Or else he has appalling taste in clothes and shouldn't be allowed to make his own choices.
Haakon attending an IOC reception for the Youth Olympics.
Dress head to toe, very ugly :eek:
that color green :sick:
those ugly brown shoes he wears all the time, :ermm:
checkered grey coat :sad:
Its like he was getting ready from the top down and then ran out of time :ROFLMAO:
It's a very Metro look. Good for him nudging the sartorial box. And I bet there is green and brown in the coat.
I am all for colored pants :cool: but that color green doesn't work with the rest.
And those shoes are awful :bang:
It's a very Metro look. Good for him nudging the sartorial box. And I bet there is green and brown in the coat.

My age is showing; I don't know what a "Metro" look is. :blush: Metropolitan? In my metropolis, men wear suits, not that sort of thing, so that can't be what it means.

But if there's green and brown in the coat, I'll be a lot happier, though I still have reservations about the white shirt and black tie.
Is this the beginning of a new look for William, and hopefully perhaps for Harry too?

With regard to Haakon's outfit, it would have coordinated a bit better if he'd worn black shoes or shoes of the same kind of basic grey as the jacket IMO.
:previous: Totally agree about Haakon. If that jacket is indeed grey and doesn't have green and brown in it, black or dark grey shoes would have made the outfit acceptable.
I think the DoC's jacket looks like a dark navy....

It is just possible that Prince William did not wear THE blue suit today.
If so, I may need the air ambulance! :shock:

:lol: A day that goes down in history!
Perhaps Kate finally burned the only other suit he had?

Haakon attending an IOC reception for the Youth Olympics.
Dress head to toe, very ugly :eek:
that color green :sick:
those ugly brown shoes he wears all the time, :ermm:
checkered grey coat :sad:
Its like he was getting ready from the top down and then ran out of time :ROFLMAO:

In DK this combination is known as "standard state-school-teacher-outfit number two". (There are only three outfits to choose from.)

That's what happens if some men are allowed to dress themselves or perhaps Frederik bit him?
Haakon is simply the sort of man who when he comes out from the shower is used to having his clothes laid out for him on the bed.
Somehow this didn't happen and Haakon thought: Oh, I'll just pick something myself. How difficult can it be?
And this is the result!

What combination is that? Probably Mette-Marit choose for him :lol:

We have established that Haakon always have his clothes laid out for him, because he is the kind of man who would wear black socks and sandals to the beach.
And that leads us to theory number two: Three years ago he and Mette-Marit had a row and she decided to get even with him.
The other day she decided it was payback time! So she laid out this... eh... combination for him on the bed knowing that Haakon will automatically put on anything, absolutely anything, that is selected for him!

Or theory number three, which will be confirmed if Haakon is seen wearing more of these... novel outfits. He is doing a reversed Joachim/Daniel. I.e. dressing down.
It's a phenomenon that often afflicts men in their late 40's. They know perfectly well they are not young anymore and they know they will look silly if they try to dress young. (Perhaps he has seen Frederik and decided: I want to look casual as well!)
So instead they dress in clothes that are "youthful" and "casual" in order to appear fresh, hype, and groovy - even getting the slang wrong...
And if the wives do not step and take drastic actions immediately men like that, which Haakon now appears to have joined, will happily wear all sorts of weird outfits in public. - They can't help it.
:previous: Thanks for making me giggle, Muhler. :lol:

I happen to think that men like Haakon and Frederik should be allowed to go where their muse leads them. If I had to choose between Haakon's strange combinations or Frederik's red pants or Joachim's red velvet dinner jacket, and William's blue suits, I'll take the eccentric choices over the boring any day. Far more interesting and endearing! :D
With regard to Haakon's green and grey outfit, believe me, that colour scheme does not work - I should know because it's the kind of mismatching that I used to do all the time!

As a pattern combination, it would be great - for instance a green and grey check - but also, that particular green of the trousers is as dull as the jacket and two dull colours together don't look right!
Frederik on day one of the official visit to Saudi Arabia in one of my favorite ties that make a normal black suit stand out

and taking a tour of the city, in lovely blue
looking hot while staying cool :cool:

Day 2 in Saudi Arabia.
a nice blue suit but with a red tie that helps it stand out more
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Yes, Frederik is learning. :cool:

However, his shoelaces... Are they in a different color from his shoes? :eek:
Frederik is looking cool and sophisticated these last days on his trip! I love the casual shirt and light coloured trousers, but not so sure about wearing black shoes with it.
Frederik. Day 2, dinner in Saudi Arabia
With a lovely blue suit that fits like a glove, with a beautiful polka dot tie

and Day 3, continuing in his handsomeness ;)
a darker grey suit, with a blue shirt and tie combo. the blue makes a nice stand out

Haakon today with ugliest (and dirty) brown shoes he wears all the time :bang:
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