Fashion and Style of Royal Men, Part 1: April 2003 - April 2016

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Me too. I wish he'd be a little more adventurous with his suits. Perhaps when he marries his wife can use her influence!

Does anyone think Mary has been an influence on Frederik's clothes. Before they married did he wear fashionable suits and casual clothing?
:previous: Nah! The man still wears red trousers . . . now that is love!
:previous: Now that's not to say he hasn't taken a leaf from Mary's book when using scarfs. I mean, can't you just see it . . . Mary fixing scarf and Fred, intrigued, saying "yo Mares, how'd that go again? :D
I thought it was Stephanie of Luxembourg who was greatly into scarf wearing? Though she doesn't seem to have influenced her spouse in that direction! :D
Now, let us marvel at how a perfect gentleman dress and presents himself.
Joachim's attire is, as we can expect, almost perfect. Apart from the length of his sleeves. But who is concerned with trivial matters. :cool:

Observe and admire how Joachim, being the gentleman he is, naturally has his wife to the right, standing slightly behind her, allowing his lady to shine, yet being right there behind her, ready to support her. :knight:
Presentation is half the show.
WOW!! A perfect gentleman indeed!!! Well done Prince Joachim!!
I have to say that both Joachim and Daniel are well-groomed men, especially in evening wear, and are considerate to their wives.

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